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The 16th South China International Printing and packaging exhibition was grandly opened (2)

among them, the "printing and Reproduction Industry Development Forum and Guangdong Hong Kong Macao spring tea party" held on March 2 was hosted by Guangdong Publishing Bureau and Guangdong publishing group, and experts discussed the important development of printing and Reproduction Industry and the stagnation of hydraulic technology; The "Guangdong Hong Kong and Macao printing industry spring tea party" held that evening invited industry leaders, representatives of Guangdong Hong Kong and Macao printing enterprises, and top 100 printing enterprises to participate, with the full support of printing giants Heidelberg and Manroland. The purpose is to join hands with people in the printing industry in the three places to discuss "how to cope with the current economic crisis and jointly promote the sustainable development of the printing industry", so as to jointly seek the development of the printing industry in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao

the seminar on "new directions, new technologies, new equipment and new processes in the label industry" held on March 3 will share various innovative technologies and future development trends in the label field with industry insiders. In addition to inviting well-known enterprises in the industry, such as omite, flint, Domino and American PolyOne, to make speeches, Lafang group, an end-user, was also invited to share users' real needs for labels

heavyweight Chinese and foreign buyers joined hands in the

conference, which said that dozens of associations at home and abroad will organize visiting groups from the packaging and printing industry, including gravure printing branch of China Printing Technology Association, Xiamen, Nanning, Yulin, Fujian Quanzhou and other printing associations outside the Province, as well as Guangzhou publishing and printing industry association, Shenzhen anti-counterfeiting Association, Guangzhou packaging and printing industry association, Huadu District How to buy Jinan testing machine? Shanxi and Shantou Jinping printing chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen packaging industry association, Guangdong packaging industry chamber of Commerce, Guangdong Packaging Technology Association, etc; The industry buyers of food manufacturing terminals include Shenzhen Food Industry Association, Dongguan food industry association, Guangdong Dairy Industry Association, and the beer branch of the Association for the prosperous market of technical talents in the alcohol industry in Guangdong Province. However, its performance can be brought into play only by the operation of the computer server system. Among them, the beer branch of the alcohol industry association in Guangdong Province, the bottled drinking water industry association in Guangdong Province Dongguan food industry association and other associations have brought a group of 100 buyers to actively participate. In addition, the Guangdong Provincial Publishing Bureau has also invited publishing bureaus and printing materials companies in various provinces and cities to organize delegations to visit and vigorously promote the exchange of professionals across the country

in addition, in addition to receiving delegations from Vietnam and Uzbekistan, the conference has received more than 3000 Chinese and foreign insiders to register to visit the exhibition before the exhibition, mainly for printing and packaging enterprises, label production companies, publishing houses, end-users such as food, beer, beverages, household chemicals, medicine, textiles and other purchasers, so as to create a Sino foreign trade platform to promote domestic sales and export equipment

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