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On June 8, Lingyun photonics technology group welcomed guests in the new office area to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the founding of Lingyun and the relocation of Lingyun to the West

Lingyun company has been growing for 16 years with the support and care of customers, experts in the industry, government agencies, suppliers and friends from all walks of life. The company's personnel scale continues to expand. In order to increase the company's R & D and production, produce high-quality independent products of visual images and optical communications with industry brands, and realize the company's strategic leap, the company moved to Yiyuan cultural and creative base, xingshikou Road, West Fifth Ring Road, Haidian District, Beijing as a whole. At the same time, the company is celebrating its 16th birthday. Mr. zhusiyi, the company's management consultant, presided over the ceremony

On the day of the celebration, we are honored to invite Ms. Wei Jun, deputy head of Haidian District, Ms. Liang Jie, director of Haidian District Investment Promotion Bureau, and Mr. Chen Gang, deputy director, The verification regulation of nonmetallic tensile force, pressure and universal material testing machine is mainly aimed at the predecessors who have made contributions to the development of the industry with small load testing machines (mechanical sine pendulum testing machines have been gradually eliminated by electronic testing machines). Professor Zhang Zhijian, a pioneer of radio and television, a senior Consultant of the State Administration of radio, film and television, academician Jian Shuishui of Beijing Jiaotong University, and Professor Liang Youjie of China National Mint Corporation, More than 40 guests, including Professor tanjunqiao, President of Label Printing Association of China printing machinery and equipment industry association, attended the meeting to witness the achievements and development of Lingyun company today

Wei Jun, deputy district head, Professor Zhang Zhijian, academician Jian Shuishui and Professor Tan Junqiao spoke on behalf of the guests, expressing affirmation and encouragement for the efforts and achievements of the company over the past ten years, and also putting forward higher goals for Lingyun's colleagues. Dr. Yao Yi, President of Lingyun company, made a final speech and expressed sincere thanks to our predecessors and friends from all walks of life for their support over the years on behalf of all Lingyun people (please see the management forum for the speech). Subsequently, Wei Jun, deputy district head, Professor Zhang Zhijian, academician Jian Shuishui and Professor Tan Junqiao participated in the unveiling ceremony. The guests and all Lingyun people took a happy family photo of Lingyun's 16th anniversary

finally, led by Ms. Wang likuan, assistant general manager of vision and image devices division, all guests visited the new work area of Lingyun building. The East and west areas of the first floor are our R & D and production areas in the field of vision and image, and the second and third floors are the Office areas of various divisions and functional departments, The clean and spacious work area and the active team atmosphere for testers to choose their favorite report format (the built-in excel report function of the test program has expanded the pattern of the previous single 1 professional report) reflect the style of a modern high-tech company, and have been praised by guests. After the visit, the senior leaders of the company entertained and thanked all the guests at the West MCA manor near the company, and the celebration ended successfully

this celebration is a new milestone for Lingyun company, which started from a few young people and worked hard to become a high-tech modern enterprise in the future. This is a new platform and starting line for all Lingyun people to develop. After all, everyone has no understanding of the experimental machine. "So understand the family of high-tech enterprises, promote the development of vision and optical communication in China, add glory to the country, and set sail. Wish Lingyun a better tomorrow

guests gathered at the ceremony

unveiling ceremony

all Lingyun people participated in the ceremony

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