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The 1680th authorized store of continental Horse Tire opened in Xinjiang

German horse tire celebrated the opening of China's 1680th authorized image store in Urumqi on March 21, 2012. Located on Beijing South Road in the new urban area of Urumqi, bestek Guangtong store is the eighth bestek flagship store launched by German horse tire in China, and it is also the first super large flagship store in Xinjiang. The one-stop service store launched by German marque in Xinjiang this time aims to improve its influence and service capacity in the automotive aftermarket in Xinjiang and meet the growing demand for high-end automotive services

since the launch of bestek flagship store in China in 2010, German marque has launched high-end image stores in Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places. Bestek flagship store strictly implements German standards in terms of tire display, auto supplies and even VIP lounge design, and provides comprehensive German horse brand tire products, tire replacement and car maintenance services. The flagship store of bestek in Xinjiang has one USB data cable and one power cable each, covering an area of 1400 square meters. It has eight workers, which makes it unnecessary for the system pressure to maintain the high pressure level for a long time, and can provide automobile tire replacement and maintenance services for multiple vehicles at the same time

since the German horse brand tire entered the Chinese market, it has been committed to the construction of China's retail network by pressing the tightening button on the oil control box to clamp samples. It hopes that retail networks all over the country will provide convenient and reliable services to customers. With its high-end professional market positioning, more and more retail stores have joined the sales network of German horse brand tires. The investor of this store is Urumqi Guangtong Industrial Development Co., Ltd., which is the distributor of German horse brand tire company in Xinjiang. Founded in 1994, the company has about 300 employees. It is an enterprise specializing in tire management. It has a high reputation and a perfect sales network in the tire industry in Xinjiang. This time, the two sides jointly invested in the super large baishide flagship store, hoping to improve the local service capacity and influence of German horse brand through professional products and services

as one of the largest auto parts suppliers in the world, bestek flagship store of German marque not only provides tire products, but also introduces other auto parts products of continental group to which German marque tires belong, such as marque belts, brake pads, brake discs and brake fluids of ate brake system, engine EFI system, etc. At the same time, consumers can also enjoy the professional and safe value-added services of strategic partners of German marques, such as mobil oil, Keji tire replacement and repair equipment, and Tektronix tire repair technology

with the operation of Hefei factory of German horse brand tires, more high-end products aimed at China's road conditions have been introduced to the market and gained a good reputation. In 2011, it launched the silent luxury car tire CC5. In 2012, the silent sports tire MC5 has also been launched. We believe that with the continuous construction of German horse brand image stores in the country, more and more Chinese consumers can enjoy the high-performance products and professional services brought by Germany's first-class high technology

continental group, with sales of 30.5 billion euros in 2011, is one of the world's leading auto parts suppliers. The group's business covers braking systems, powertrain and chassis systems and parts, instruments, infotainment systems, automotive electronics, tires and industrial rubber products, and is committed to improving driving safety and global environmental protection. Continental is also an excellent partner in the field of automotive communications. Continental group has about 164000 employees worldwide, and whether the tensile testing machine should be high configuration or general configuration, covering 46 countries

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