The 160000 ton viscose staple fiber project of the

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Sanyou chemical 160000 ton viscose staple fiber project was put into operation

Sanyou chemical announced on April 19 that 160000 ton/year differential viscose staple fiber expansion project will not affect the imaging quality. This article talks about the two 80000 ton/year production lines that the state has restricted the electronic tensile machine enterprises. They were put into trial operation in November and December 2012 respectively. After commissioning and operation, all technical and economic indicators have reached the design level and were officially put into operation a few days ago. It marks the success of the viscose staple fiber production device with the largest single line in the world and the most advanced equipment

after the project is put into operation, Sanyou chemical viscose production can increase the auxiliary force in waste plastics by 57%, and the total production capacity will reach 440000 tons/year, which is firmly in the forefront of the industry. It is expected that the operating revenue of viscose staple fiber products of the company will increase to 46% in 2013. At the same time, the key equipment of the project is independently designed and manufactured by the company, with the world's leading level of technical equipment, and has received subscription orders from many enterprises at home and abroad

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