The 16th China Forest Products Fair opened

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The 16th China Forest Products Fair opened

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on September 19, the 16th China Forest Products Fair opened in Heze, Shandong Province. Zhang Jianlong, director of the State Forestry and grassland administration, announced the opening ceremony and Ren Airong, vice governor of Shandong Province, delivered a speech

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China Forest Products Fair is hosted by the State Forestry and grassland administration and Shandong provincial government. Since 2004, it has been successfully held for 15 times, with a total number of 2535000 people attending the meeting, 28000 buyers and 156000 professionals. Nearly 6500 forestry enterprises, e-commerce, traders, education and scientific research institutions have participated in the exhibition, with an on-site transaction volume of 1.81 billion, an on-site transaction volume of 580 million, a signed domestic contract and agreement amount of 106.01 billion, and a foreign contract and agreement amount of 2.5 billion US dollars

with the theme of "new start of green dream", this forestry fair presents six characteristics: new exhibition hall, new positioning, new type, new scale, new mechanism and new way of entering the museum, realizing five aspects: ideological understanding, organizational leadership, investment invitation and exhibition, publicity and reporting, and logistics support

this forestry Fair has hired professional exhibition companies to carry out market-oriented operation and create the largest professional exhibition of the whole industrial chain of wood processing in China. The exhibition area of the exhibition hall is 50000 square meters, and the utilization income of color changing paint in the international automotive industry will reach 595 million US dollars. There are 2000 standard booths, including five exhibition areas: provincial and municipal comprehensive hall, furniture and wood products hall, customized home smart home hall, forestry machinery hall and plate raw and auxiliary materials hall. On the basis of continuing the previous activities, this forestry Fair will hold a series of activities, such as the second China forestry new and old kinetic energy conversion Summit Forum and China's panel and home furnishing industry integration development summit forum, buyers and enterprises docking symposium, new forestry industry media trip, National Forest City visit and investigation, etc

over the years, the success of the China Forest Products Fair has given you how to make the experimental machine run long. It not only builds an important platform for expanding the economic and trade exchanges and investment attraction of the forest industry, but also shows the double effect of the exhibition economy, which effectively promotes the cultivation of forestry investment PA materials in Heze and surrounding areas as a special source of problems and the rapid development of the forest industry, Heze has become one of the largest forest products production and processing bases in China

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