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The 16th China International Machine Tool Exhibition was grandly opened in Beijing

on April 15, 2019, the 16th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (cimt2019), hosted by China Machine Tool Industry Association and co hosted by China International Exhibition Center Group, was grandly opened in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall), as the most important world machine tool event held in China this year, Cimt2019 has attracted the attention of the global manufacturing industry

Mr. Zhou Ji, former Minister of education and President of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Mr. Zeng Xianlin, former Minister of light industry, Mr. Lu Yansun, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of machinery industry, Mr. Xu xingchu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mr. Wang Ruixiang, President of the China Machinery Industry Federation, Mr. Yang Xuetong, executive vice president, and leaders of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of science and technology, the Bureau of science, technology and industry for national defense and other relevant departments were invited to attend the opening ceremony. Heads of machine tool industry associations from various countries and regions, and heads of dozens of well-known machine tool enterprises at home and abroad attended the opening ceremony (the list is attached). Also invited to attend the opening ceremony were heads and representatives of relevant research institutions and enterprises from key user fields such as automobile, shipbuilding, aerospace, military industry and so on. The relevant person in charge of the main organizer of the exhibition also attended today's opening ceremony

The opening ceremony was presided over by Wang Liming, Secretary General of China Machine Tool Industry Association, and Mao Yufeng, executive vice president, delivered a speech

In his speech, Mao Yufeng pointed out that since its establishment in 1989, CIMT has gone through 30 years of development and successfully held 15 sessions, which has made great contributions to China's reform and opening up, innovation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry. CIMT has become the best window and platform to observe, study and connect China's machine tool consumption market. At the same time, it is pointed out that China, as the second largest economy, has formulated and exported a series of policies and measures in accordance with the current downward pressure on the economy. The structural changes and accelerated upgrading of China's market demand will bring new opportunities to the global machine tool manufacturing industry. In order to run this exhibition well, the organizers have made new efforts in improving service level, improving exhibition management and enriching exhibition content

the guests invited to cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony of cimt2019 are: Mr. Zhang Zhigang, the current chairman of China Machine Tool Industry Association and the chairman of Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd; Mr. wood, President of the American Machinery Manufacturing Technology Association; Mr. Yukio iimura, President of Japan Machine Tool Manufacturers Association; Mr. Hein, head of the Economic Statistics Department of the German Machine Tool Manufacturers Association; Mr. Si kaipei, chief representative of the Beijing Office of the Italian Foreign Trade Commission; Mr. Yoshihisa Yamazaki, President of Yamazaki Mazak Co., Ltd; Dr. Bierman, chief operating officer of demagison Seiki China; Mr. long Xingyuan, chairman of China Machine Tool Industry Association and chairman of Shaanxi Qinchuan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd; Mr. duzhuoyu, rotating chairman of China Machine Tool Industry Association and chairman of Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Group; Mr. Brett, Secretary General of the Swiss mechanical and Electrical Industry Association; Mr. Quan yongdou, President of Korea machine tool manufacturers association; Mr. He Minjia, rotating chairman of China Machine Tool Industry Association and chairman of Guangzhou CNC Equipment Co., Ltd; Mr. KOBASHI, chairman of Taiwan Machinery Industry Association; Mr. altouvita, Secretary General of the Spanish Association of machine tool, parts, components and tool manufacturers; Mr. palacadolo, representative of the French Association for manufacturing technology; Mr. dagdale, representative of British Manufacturing Technology Association; Mr. paniraji, representative of Indian machine tool manufacturers association; Mr. Peng xiaorun, general manager of Beijing Beiyi Machine Tool Co., Ltd; Mr. Bedrich, representative of Czech Mechanical Engineering Technology Association

the theme of this exhibition is to integrate win-win intelligence to create the future. This theme accurately and clearly reflects the characteristics of the times of China's machine tool industry market and industry development, and indicates the future development trend of the industry. As the product of the deep integration of manufacturing industry and information technology, the concept of intelligent manufacturing is accompanied by the development of information technology, and develops rapidly. With the growing maturity of digital technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain, the traditional competitive logic of the industry is undergoing profound changes. The development trend of deep integration of artificial intelligence and advanced manufacturing technology has become the consensus of the global manufacturing industry

according to the introduction, more than 1700 machine tool manufacturers from 28 countries and regions participated in this exhibition, including 874 overseas exhibitors and 838 domestic exhibitors, accounting for about 50% of the exhibition area. The total exhibition area reached 142000 square meters, and the scale of the exhibition hit a new record. The world's small tonnage models are easy to implement. Zigzag tests are often used in production to evaluate the zigzag strength and plastic deformation of materials. Now the well-known machine tool manufacturers within the range are all present with their latest technologies and products. Among them, machine tool associations and trade promotion agencies from 13 countries and regions, including Germany, France, South Korea, the Czech Republic, the United States, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, India, Taiwan and Hong Kong, organized delegations to participate

according to the statistics of exhibitors, the level, variety and basic type of exhibits in this exhibition can take 158 passengers, and the grid coverage is at an innovative level. Tens of thousands of exhibits include the main product categories of the industrial chain, such as mainframe, CNC system, functional components, measuring tools and meters, machine tool appliances, cutting tools and accessories. The host products include metal cutting, metal forming, special processing, CMM, flame cutting and other types of equipment. IOT, artificial intelligence, robotics, additive manufacturing and other hot technologies have become the focus of display and attention

the highlights of the exhibits can be summarized in the following five aspects:

(1) new product collection: show the driving force of innovation

innovation is the first driving force to lead development and a strong driving force to build a brand. CIMT China International Machine Tool Exhibition has always been an international stage for machine tool manufacturers at home and abroad to show their innovative products and demonstrate their innovative capabilities. The innovation of these products is mainly reflected in the latest breakthroughs in high-speed, high-precision, composite, green, intelligent and other directions, including: structural improvement, function expansion and improvement, performance improvement, pleasant operation, automatic operation, function software expansion, energy conservation, environmental protection and many other aspects. At this exhibition, many new products and technologies will compete with each other, which will attract the attention of the global manufacturing industry

(2) customized products: meet the personalized needs of users

the machine tool market is a fully open market, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to stand out in the fierce competition, focusing on the field of user services, deeply cultivating the needs of users' production processes, and providing users with customized products and system solutions have become an important means for enterprises to win more market share, thus giving birth to a batch of excellent products and services. At this exhibition, a number of customized products and system solutions that meet the personalized needs of users were intensively displayed

(3) intelligent technology: consolidate the foundation of manufacturing

intelligent manufacturing technology is the deep integration and integration of information technology, intelligent technology and equipment manufacturing process technology. It is an important development direction of the world's manufacturing industry in the future. Intelligent machine tools are the basis for realizing intelligent manufacturing. The intelligent technology of machine tool will reach a higher level than the traditional control technology in terms of quality, efficiency, efficiency and safety. These intelligent technologies take equipment functions, control systems and software, detection devices, and manufacturing process expert systems as carriers, and have become a new commanding height for enterprises to participate in market competition. At this exhibition, a number of intelligent machine tools integrating various intelligent technologies will show their style

(4) industrial IOT: connect the world and the future

industrial IOT is the application of IOT in the industrial field. It applies perception technology, communication technology, transmission technology, data processing technology, control technology to all stages of product design, manufacturing, batching, storage, after-sales and so on. By realizing the digitalization, intellectualization and networking of production management and control, it achieves the purpose of improving manufacturing efficiency, improving product quality, reducing product cost and resource consumption, and finally promotes the traditional industry to a new stage of intellectualization. At this exhibition, visitors can get a close sense of the latest achievements made by global machine tool enterprises in the fields of digital technology and interconnection technology

(5) additive manufacturing: innovative manufacturing mode

additive manufacturing technology combines the advantages of computer graphics processing, digital information and control, laser technology, electromechanical technology, material technology and many other high technologies. It can quickly manufacture parts with arbitrary complex shapes, solve the processing problems of some difficult materials and parts with complex structures, and shorten the manufacturing cycle, It has a good application prospect in aerospace and medical fields. At the same time, the extensive attention of governments, research institutions and enterprises all over the world has also promoted the rapid development of additive manufacturing technology. In recent years, the progress of additive manufacturing technology is mainly reflected in the smaller layer thickness of metal laser deposition, faster forming speed, higher strength of polymer materials, and the composite application of additive processing. At that time, a number of additive manufacturing technologies and equipment representing the advanced level will appear at the exhibition. (source of article and picture: China Machine Tool Industry Association)

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