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Thermo Fisher technology launches a new IPlus

wilmin ethylene downstream derivatives manufacturers can't take the opportunity to raise prices because of excess end product capacity gton, Massachusetts (August 24, 2009) service science, the world's leading Thermo Fisher Technology Co., Ltd. released a new measurement platform, thermoscientificiplus It can accurately measure the quantity or thickness of products such as cast film, extruded sheet, non-woven fabric, calendered film and extrusion coating

IPlus! It adopts advanced sensor technology and powerful, simple and easy-to-use upgrade software. It is the latest measurement and control system in the B measurement series, said Dai Wei, the founder of thermoscientificweofo. The system has an intuitive operation interface, is easy to use, can provide users with the measurement and control functions they need, and the purchase cost is low

some film manufacturers need high-performance products with moderate prices, and thermoscientific21plus with rich functions! Not for them, IPlus! To meet such needs of film manufacturers, the travel of the testing machine is limited (the travel of the testing machine when installing standard fixtures). Tamnguyen, product manager of Thermo Fisher technology, said: the platform has high return on investment, good performance and low procurement costs, which can improve the competitiveness of manufacturers in the global market

IPlus! With a transverse distribution curve of up to 2000 measuring points and a high-precision and high-resolution sensor, it can provide real-time and reliable material quantification and thickness measurement. As an option, automaticprofilecontrol (APC) can improve the flatness of products, and has advanced nonlinear mapping function, which helps to reduce waste and unqualified products, thus ultimately reducing the actual material cost

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