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Thermal insulation coatings usher in new opportunities for development

thermal insulation coatings usher in new opportunities for development

June 16, 2014

[China paint information] now the state has issued a new policy that forces people to require housing and public construction. Many people don't know what a manhole cover pressure testing machine is? It is a 28 pin dual in-line package for energy conservation and environmental protection. With the strong support of the state and the dual needs of the market environment, thermal insulation materials have ushered in new opportunities for their own development. It also tops the list of home decoration paint products

at present, many buildings in China are high energy consuming buildings, and heating alone consumes 18million tons more coal than the standard every year. However, due to the high energy consumption of buildings, the peak power consumption in summer will require 10 Three Gorges power stations to operate at full load, which is a very amazing number. However, this has brought opportunities to the development of thermal insulation coatings

with the continuous introduction of relevant national policies. In fact, putting forward energy-saving issues for negotiation one by one is exactly a grasp of the current situation. We have deeply understood that blindly pursuing the rapid development of the market is a path of self destruction. Only by adhering to the principle of energy conservation and sustainable development can we accelerate the pace of economic and social transition to the track of scientific change. The polyester film industry outside the construction industry is affected by the excess capacity of the whole. Wall insulation paint, as a common product just under construction, is not included in the more prosperous cities such as municipalities directly under the central government and provincial capital cities. The state has forcibly required that residential and public buildings must be energy-saving and thermal insulation. In addition, most cities at and below the prefecture level in the country have not yet determined the requirements

in recent years, the government has gradually increased its efforts to save energy and reduce emissions. Now, energy conservation and emission reduction have been truly implemented in every place, and reward, punishment and reward measures have been enhanced in terms of policies. As the choice of exterior wall decoration, most of the markets in China are not developed, and the market space is large

domestic coating products, such as architectural coatings, wood coatings, coil coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, special coatings, have made breakthroughs in technology and process. The product materials have reached the level of similar foreign products or global innovation, and are developing towards the goal of green environmental protection, which has promoted China's coating industry, which is struggling in the financial emergency, but it is undoubtedly a great impact on the traditional coating production process, Just look at the paint industry in China, there are more than 7000, most of which focus on small and medium-sized enterprises. Of course, the proportion of large and medium-sized enterprises in the output has increased a lot, but small and medium-sized enterprises have brought many negative effects on the rapid and steady development of the paint industry. The constant production process, the paint products that should be eliminated but are still being produced, have an impact on the healthy development of the paint industry

with the rapid development of science and technology, all walks of life have higher and higher quality of coatings. Energy conservation and environmental protection, VOC content and so on are new demands for the coating industry. In addition, environmental protection and energy-saving coatings are widely used in China, with obvious energy conservation and environmental protection, which has been recognized and promoted by the state. As a member of the people's economic development, the coating industry has implemented the decision of energy conservation and emission reduction, fought a tough battle of energy conservation and emission reduction, and made unremitting adherence and due contributions to reducing environmental pollution. The healthy development of the coating market not only requires replacement and research and development of new production lines and products, but also environmental protection and energy conservation

environmental protection has always been the top priority of national development. Sustainable development and the scientific concept of development have always been strong policies of the country. The impact of superstructure on the economy is also quite important, so a good grasp of national policies has a far-reaching impact on the development of coating enterprises. Jiuzheng believes that the reason why thermal insulation coatings rank first in the home decoration industry is also inseparable from the national policy of energy conservation and emission reduction

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