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Thermo Fisher technology cement exhibition held a press conference at the same time

on April 1, 2009, on the opening day of the "10th China International Cement Technology and equipment exhibition" in Beijing exhibition hall, Thermo Fisher technology held a media meeting. Michael Shafer, the new vice president and general manager of Thermo Fisher Scientific in China, Mr. Sun Jianyi, vice president of China business operation of scientific instruments division, Mr. Pei Zuan, commercial director of process instruments division in China, Mr. Shan Tuo, marketing manager of scientific instruments division, and Mr. Li Yunji, director of public Affairs Division in China attended the meeting

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what is the development goal and strategic plan of Thermo Fisher Scientific China in 2009

Mr. maishifu, vice president and general manager of Thermo Fisher Technology China, who has just taken office for three months, said: "In the past five years, Thermo Fisher Scientific's business in China has maintained an annual growth rate of more than 25%. 2008 is a record year, and the growth in 2009 will become very difficult, but we still expect to achieve double-digit growth in China. At present, we have seen huge market potential in China's food, environment, cement and other markets."

when asked what specific measures will be taken to achieve double-digit growth under the economic crisis, Mr. maishifu said that he was still in the stage of comprehensively understanding the business situation in China, and he personally visited many customers in the past three months. But he said that there are three important business ideas that are very clear:

"First of all, we should focus on the needs of customers, create value for our customers, adhere to the concept of making the world healthier, cleaner and safer, and strive to provide customers with overall solutions. Second, we should increase investment in talent training, attract more excellent talents to join, provide employees with opportunities for learning and training, maximize the ability of employees, and develop with Thermo Fisher technology in the long term. Third, we should add In order to speed up the localization process, in addition to the existing products produced and manufactured in China, we should also make full use of Chinese scientific and technological talents and increase cooperation in instrument application. The company moved the headquarters of the global environmental instruments division to China, which is mainly used for the mechanical performance experiments of metal and non-metallic materials, which also fully shows that the company attaches importance to the Chinese market. "

how did the global financial crisis affect Thermo Fisher technology? Will Thermo Fisher Scientific reduce its investment in China

in 2008, all walks of life will inevitably be affected by the global financial crisis. Mr. maishifu said: "although the global financial crisis broke out in 2008, the global market of Thermo Fisher technology still achieved a sales revenue of US $10.5 billion in 2008, of which US $300million came from the Chinese market, ranking third after the United States and Germany. The good financial record proves the company's sustained and steady development."

Mr. Sun Jianyi said: "the global financial crisis has a certain impact on the business of Thermo Fisher technology in the steel industry, but Thermo Fisher technology has a large and comprehensive product line, and the product application fields are very extensive. There are losses in the steel industry, but some other industries are growing rapidly, so it is still growing on the whole, but there must be operational uncertainty in 2009."

as for the impact of the financial crisis on the business development of Thermo Fisher technology in the cement industry, as well as the pollution caused by mining around the mining area, Mr. Pei Zuan said, "cement manufacturers pay more attention to product quality control and energy conservation and emission reduction while reducing output, which is also an opportunity for us. For example, at the just concluded Shanghai cement user conference, Hubei Huaxin Cement Co., Ltd. signed a contract to purchase two neutron activation analyzers of our company."

neutron activation analyzer is the first of Thermo Fisher Scientific company, and it occupies more than 90% of the global market share. The neutron activation analyzer can detect and control the raw material composition of the mine, the raw material composition before entering the pre homogenization yard, the batching composition of the mixture before the raw material grinding, the sulfur content of the coal, the calorific value, the composition of the clinker out of the kiln, and the composition of the finished cement product in the whole process

Thermo Fisher technology provides leading solutions for cement manufacturers

Mr. Pei Zuan said that China's cement production and consumption account for 40% of the world's total. While% of China's "4trillion plan to stimulate domestic demand" is infrastructure construction, China will have more new buildings in the future, and many Chinese engineering companies have contracted many foreign projects. It can be said that China's cement industry plays a decisive role in the world cement market. Thermo Fisher technology has the world's most advanced cement industry solutions, which can help China's cement industry improve production quality and efficiency

"in this field, Thermo Fisher technology has obvious competitive advantages, accounting for one third of the market. Our instruments play a role in the whole process of the cement plant. Thermo Fisher technology has a comprehensive range of products, and there is no comparable company in the instrument industry." Mr. Sun Jianyi added

at present, the process instrument department led by Mr. Pei Zuan has been rewarded after five years of market cultivation. At present, there are 66 employees, with a turnover of more than $50 million last year, with an annual growth of 35%. Analytical instruments have been widely used in cement, mines, coal mines, nuclear power plants, food safety, petrochemical and other industries; Play a role in process control and quality control; Among them, the cement industry is one of the areas with the fastest demand growth, accounting for about 10% of the business of the whole department once the system was "searched"

Mr. Sun Jianyi also introduced that Thermo Fisher Scientific has worked closely with cement and engineering companies around the world to develop arl9900x-ray workstationtm, which is a further expansion of the unique functions of arl9900 all cement analyzer specially designed for cement process and quality control. The instrument integrates full X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence into the same instrument for the first time, which improves productivity and reduces the procurement cost of cement laboratory

arl9900x-ray workstationtm

cbomnipgnaa analyzer

Thermo Fisher technology will continue to create value for customers

"The fastest business growth is in China, and the largest investment growth is also in China. In the face of this, Thermo Fisher technology will continue to carry out technological innovation and create new value for customers. In 2008, Thermo Fisher technology invested $250million in research and development, and this year will have greater investment to continue to develop and create new products from the relevant countries of" one belt and one road ". Secondly, increase user support, increase application development, integrate the resources of thermoscientific and fisherscientific brands, and combine them with the reality of China to better serve customers. Specifically, for example, in the cement industry, we use our strengths to provide services to cement manufacturers based on meeting customer needs and a comprehensive solution formed by cooperation between different departments. " Mr. Sun Jianyi said

finally, when talking about the customer training program of Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2009, Mr. Li Yunji, China director of Thermo Fisher Scientific public affairs department, said: "Different departments of Thermo Fisher Scientific have their own user training sessions. Our training sessions will not only provide customers with technical support and instrument maintenance training, but also provide the content required for testing in the customer's field and the performance indicators of instruments that our company can provide, so that customers can choose their own instruments after a comprehensive understanding of the situation."

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