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In the name of pioneer luxury: Mercedes Benz EQC, the world's first show, Zetsche spoiled 130 electric models

"the Xiongguan road is as iron as iron, and now we are moving from scratch." This well-known poem of the Chinese people is exactly the best portrayal of Mercedes Benz at this time. We are actually saying that what we are building now is a building that will not be satisfactory in 20 - 30 years

on September 4, in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, Mercedes Benz EQC ushered in the highlight moment of the world's first show. After a two-year marathon, the launch of EQC, which was born out of the generation EQ concept car, finally gave Mercedes Benz's pure electric brand EQ its first mass production model

this also means that standing at the crossroads of the "new four modernizations" of global cars and opening the key door to the future of automotive electrification, Mercedes Benz, with a 130 year history of building cars, has finally taken the first substantive step - mass production of the first pure electric vehicle, and EQC naturally carries the aspirations of electric Mercedes Benz

attack: 10 pure electric vehicles, 130 electrification products

▲ Dr. Zetsche, chairman of the board of directors of Daimler AG and global president of Mercedes Benz Automotive Group

once the gate of electrification was opened, Mercedes Benz launched a comprehensive attack

at the "minimalist" press conference of only 20 minutes that day, Zetsche, chairman of the board of directors of Daimler AG and global president of Mercedes Benz automobile group, began an intensive "information bombing". He revealed that "Mercedes Benz EQC will be put into production in Bremen, Germany, in the first quarter of next year and listed in Europe in the second quarter."

what excited dozens of Chinese media present at the meeting was that in the previous interview, Cai Che specifically mentioned that as the first pure electric SUV under Mercedes Benz, "EQC will be made in Beijing in the fourth quarter of next year, and after making it, it may be equipped with Ningde era cell, with a lightweight market pool capacity of 80 degrees, with a range of 450 kilometers."

in addition, Zetsche also announced that ionity highway charging network will be adopted for Mercedes Benz EQC fast charging in Europe. By 2020, Mercedes Benz plans to set up 400 relevant service networks in Europe after runners drink the water in seaweed bags. At present, the exclusive EQ ready app has 20000 users

for Mercedes Benz's future electrification strategy, this time Zetsche made it clear in front of hundreds of media around the world: "before 2022, Mercedes Benz will launch 10 pure electric models, all of which will belong to EQ sub brands." He said, "in addition to pure electric models, Daimler will launch 130 electrified models in all sectors."

from the previous official picture, in addition to SUVs, cars, sports cars and smart electric vehicles, Mercedes Benz's future pure electric products also include commercial vehicles (light buses), electric buses and electric trucks

this summer, a reorganization plan of Daimler group surfaced. According to this plan, by 2020, Daimler plans to divide the group's business into three independent units: Mercedes Benz group will be responsible for the automobile and truck business, Daimler Truck Group will be responsible for the truck and bus business, and Daimler Financial Services Department will coordinate the financial business

the launch of all pedigree pure electric vehicles also means that the future electrification product matrix will open up all the main vehicle business segments of the group

according to the "c.a.s.e." strategy launched by Daimler in 2016, in order to meet the future urban development trend of urbanization, personalization and sustainable development, it will put forward our vision for future travel through intelligent interconnection, autonomous driving, shared travel and electric drive

the extensive layout of pure electric products represented by EQ brand is also the interpretation and practice of "electric drive" in the strategy of "looking at the future"

sustainable design innovation: three key words unlock EQ electric future

for Stockholm, which is located in Scandinavia, Zetsche obviously loves it: "typical 'Scandinavian' design principles can be found in EQC." For example, the exterior is less complex and less cumbersome lines. The result of simplification is a smooth and minimalist design of the outer surface

in the interior design, the application of a large number of high-quality natural materials highlights Mercedes Benz's new luxury. "I believe you will feel a bit like entering a modern Scandinavia 3. Joystick shift: the Scandinavian family that adjusts the joystick: a lot of light, friendly colors and free breathing woods." Zetsche said, "yes, Gordon Wagner insisted on adding some glittering rose gold to add some extra comfort... All these make the EQC car very beautiful."

in fact, using the design language of "pioneer luxury", Mercedes Benz's "new luxury" has been embodied in the four major brands of Mercedes Benz, Maybach, AMG and EQ. in the future, more EQ products will appear and tell more about "pioneer luxury"

Zetsche introduced that Mercedes Benz EQC's new powertrain chassis structure battery system. It has 80kwh battery, 450 km NEDC endurance, maximum power of 300kW and maximum torque of 765n · M. After three years of testing and four years of development, EQC has experienced the test of "millions of kilometers of cold and heat on four continents, nearly 500 professional tests"

for such a pure electric vehicle, the most important hope given by Mercedes Benz is "sustainable development". Zetsche was impressed by the city that won the "green capital" award of the European Commission. "Daimler offers a variety of options to support the reduction of emissions from urban transportation."

his declaration is, "on all means of transportation, we are energizing all means of transportation to ensure zero emissions during the last mile of transportation." This is naturally inseparable from innovation

what people can't help but associate is that not long ago, Zetsche said in an interview with the car headline app, "When the opportunity of the new era comes, everyone has the opportunity. Our Centennial heritage naturally has unique value. In a word, we are self-aware and confident. We remain open and pay attention to new competitors. What we have achieved so far comes from the encouragement of our competitors. Challenges make us better."

when Mercedes Benz EQC came with 130 years of prestige, BMW and Audi also fought head-on. Especially in the Chinese market, BMW, like Mercedes Benz, will mass produce the first pure electric vehicle type ix3 in China next year, while Audi will also produce e-tron locally in China by 2020

at that time, what will be the ups and downs of the luxury pure electric SUV market where the "three heroes" gather? How will Tesla, which has become popular for a while, face the situation of "three Britain vs. musk" after the traditional luxury car manufacturers enter the pure electric journey

on this autumn evening in northern Europe, a new story begins

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