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Thermoelectric Corporation of the United States launched a new X-ray detector

thermoelectric Corporation of the United States, the world's leading manufacturer of analytical instruments, launched a new X-ray detector goring Kerr ezx for the Chinese market

Mr. Joergen Olsson, vice president and global sales director of thermoelectric, introduced to PD China (packaging Expo): "the design of this X-ray detector takes into account the requirements of the Chinese market. The standardized, easy-to-use and installed X-ray detector is particularly suitable for products that are inconvenient to use metal detectors, such as products that use metallized film packaging to seal and block moisture."

goring Kerr ezx can not only detect foreign matters in food packaging production line with a new method, but also has the simple and humanized operation characteristics of metal detection machine. In addition, the capability and sensitivity of the X-ray detection system of goring Kerr ezx have been strengthened, and the price is affordable

"before developing this product for the food packaging industry, we first reviewed the gap between existing technologies in the market and customer expectations," said Bob ries, product manager of thermoelectric impurity detection in the United States, "As a result, we found that the X-ray machine that effectively combines excellent detection sensitivity with the simplicity of metal detection machine has broad development space. Now, customers' strict requirements for the technical level of the detection scheme make the price of the X-ray impurity detection system gradually able to meet the huge market demand."

in addition to X-ray foreign matter detectors, thermoelectric has introduced packaging detection equipment into the Chinese market, mainly metal detectors and weighing instruments. The main body and spare parts of these three products are 100% produced by thermoelectric factories in Italy or Britain. Metal detectors are mainly used in food, medicine and other industries. Equipped with a globally patented automatic monitoring system, they can instantly remove products containing metal impurities; X-ray foreign matter detector is more widely used, which can detect and remove products containing fine metal, glass, gravel, plastic, hair and other foreign matters; Load bearing instruments are also widely used in the food industry. The common feature of all products in appearance is that they are very exquisite and cover a small area

according to Joergen Olsson, "70% of the users of thermoelectric and packaging related products come from the food industry." Enterprises that are already using thermoelectric products include Lee Kum Kee, Unilever, Danone, etc

thermoelectric Corporation of the United States is the largest multinational manufacturer of analytical instruments in the world, with annual sales of more than 2.7 billion US dollars. Its products involve instruments and equipment that can instantly measure and record the characteristic curve of data in the process of impact, such as analysis, environmental monitoring, life science, process control, etc. Thermoelectric company has branches in 30 convenient countries around the world, with 11000 employees, providing integrated instrument solutions for accelerating the cooling rate of the whole process from laboratory to production and even product packaging. Not long ago, the new office building and customer service center of thermoelectric company in China was completed in Pudong, Shanghai

source: packaging Expo

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