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The theme exhibition makes the all Print Exhibition more value-added

dream of Red Mansions cloud: Haofeng has become a passing force with the four-year low price life, sending me to green clouds. A great feeling of participating in this all print exhibition is the characteristics of the core theme of this "all innovation and value-added". Applying this ancient poem, does the all print exhibition grow with the trend of "all innovation and value-added"? The all print exhibition is the second time in the industry. Compared with the first all print exhibition held in 2003, the most prominent difference is that this all print exhibition is titled with the theme of "value-added", and its temperature fluctuation should not be greater than 2 ℃/h; The first session has no theme. So, what is the effect of the full print exhibition after the title

I. DM zone seeks innovation from the exhibition mode

at this exhibition, you can find an audience at random and ask what is the biggest feature that distinguishes this exhibition from other exhibitions. I believe his answer is closely related to direct mail. DM, namely direct mailing. In the industry, the distribution of leaflets, mailing letters, statements of accounts, regular printed matter advertisements, newspaper folder advertisements, etc. are all collectively referred to as DM. The establishment of DM zone is not only the first time in the history of all India exhibition, but also the first in the history of domestic exhibition, which makes the exhibition deduce a "full innovation and value-added" from the mode. The special area is arranged in the W1 international prepress technology and equipment Museum of the exhibition. The establishment of the direct mail zone stems from the beginning of the cooperation between the organizers of the All India exhibition and the China Direct Marketing Association

the refreshing effect was achieved first. What about the next actual effect? Briefly review the series of DM activities during the exhibition. On the afternoon of the 14th of the opening day of the exhibition, the China Direct Mail Association was officially announced to be established: during the exhibition, Kodak, Fuji Xerox and Hewlett Packard held direct mail recommendation meetings in the special area, postal DM business seminars in key regions of the country and the global DM works exhibition, as well as various activities of DM to create a different digital era. It has attracted the great attention of many visitors and exhibitors! For the printing industry in-depth direct mail can be described as a new step! Focusing on the integrated innovation and engineering of automotive aluminum materials, Kodak Versamark vt3000 digital inkjet printing system with a printing speed of 250FT/min was demonstrated to Chinese audiences by using

Kodak and direct mail

Kodak Wanyin. In the medium volume printing service market and direct mail printing market, this equipment is in an absolutely leading position. Moreover, this device adopts a modular design, and users can adjust the device or upgrade it according to their own needs. Kodak showed a complete set of mail delivery workflow during the exhibition, including envelope address printing, automatic scanning and plastic card flipping and printing

Fuji Xerox and direct mail

the continuous paper double-sided printing system fxcf495, which has many innovative technologies of Fuji Xerox, is a highlight product of the "transactional billing solution area". It is a new on-demand printing solution developed by Fuji Xerox, which is applied in many output fields, such as bank statements, credit card statements, telephone bill and label printing. Docutech 180hlc, the world's fastest single sheet paper chromatic printing system, shows its excellent performance in bills, bills, government documents, pamphlets and chromatic printing. The document centre 1100, a high-speed digital multifunction machine, demonstrated personalized booklet printing in the "on demand publishing solutions area". With flexible variable data output capability, nuvera 120 pro, a digital production system, demonstrated to the on-site audience the printing of bank/Telecom bills, bar code labels, design manuals, sketch drawings of aircraft and trains, and red head documents

HP and direct mail

in this exhibition, HP indigo printer received support from solution providers printsoft, Creo Darwin and mindfireinc in the field of personalized direct mail applications. In the booth, they showed together with GMC, xmpie, printable, direct smile and other direct mail partners to jointly show various "close contacts" between HP and direct mail

second, technology competes for value-added on the basis of "more than more"

providing more value-added services for customers is the current stage of industry development. From the initial stage of simply giving customers what they want to develop to the stage of thinking more for customers and providing "more than more" growth services, which has become a new competition field for various manufacturers. Digital printing technology on metal and other materials. HP's most remarkable innovation is the display of the M4000 digital printer, with a resolution of 12000dpi, which is the highest resolution digital printer in the world. This is the first time to launch to the Asian market. It is mainly applicable to the field of packaging and printing

Fuji Xerox

the theme of Fuji Xerox participating in this exhibition is "new processes, new applications, new business opportunities", showing "color digital printing solutions", "on-demand publishing solutions", "transactional billing solutions" and "free process workflow solutions". By fully demonstrating the application of these solutions in the field of new printing, Fuji Xerox presented a "gluttonous meal" of powerful digital printing solutions to the audience. What's more refreshing is that Fuji Xerox publicly exhibited for the first time the world's fastest production-oriented color commercial printing system "Aijiang" and the latest continuous paper double-sided printing system fxcf495


the ERP solution of founder quanlue printing factory will undoubtedly be the highlight in this field. Careful enterprise management research and professional customer ERP demand analysis have established a complete closed-loop business process and management information platform for business management, production management, material management, financial management, quality management, on-site management, human resources and equipment management. At the same time, at the meeting, founder displayed the new business of Founder Yinjie chain store - Bowen E-print. This is a value-added service project of personalized digital printing based on new Internet blog content jointly launched by founder Yinjie and Blogcn. Relying on the technology, brand, market, blog resources, chain system and many other advantages of both sides, it provides users with personalized blog collections with automatic typesetting, personalized design, on-demand printing, exquisite binding, distribution and other special services


Akiyama exhibited a new generation of double-sided 8-color folio sheet paper printing machine: jprint4p440-rf, with a maximum printing speed of 15250 sheets/hour. The biggest innovation of this machine is the addition of roll feed (RF) in Feida, which can seamlessly connect and convert the single sheet fed operation and the continuous web fed operation. Thus, the paper cost of customers is greatly reduced, enabling users to obtain a great cost advantage when the price of raw materials soars. This is another excellent interpretation of "full innovation and value-added"


beiren has a traditional big hand in the area of each exhibition. This time, it occupies half of the exhibition hall of hall 4. The exhibits show their strength from the newly launched B r624 four-way four-color offset press to various post press binding equipment, from various stand-alone machines to efficient linkage lines. The most attractive is its first commercial rotary printing press at the international exhibition, which has received widespread attention from people in the industry


Komori's slogan at this exhibition is: "move: exceed expectations", and the exhibition concept is still: "differences create value". During the exhibition, a new four opening format printing machine, Komori super liserone s26/29 series sheet fed offset printing machine, was launched to the Chinese market at the same time in the world, which represents the latest design concept and brand-new printing style

Fuji starlight

the display of Fuji starlight covers all aspects of hardware equipment, software process and materials. The most representative exhibits include: processing free CTP plates pro-v and pro-T using cutting-edge technology, perfect purple laser system solutions (vx-9600 CTP plate making machine, celebrant workflow software, v-6/v6e CTP plate making machine, etc.), high-quality thermal and purple laser CTP plates, as well as traditional PS plates, etc

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