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Thermo Fisher will close the Sun Prairie plant

The Sun Prairie biotechnology plant will be closed in February 2014, eliminating 36 jobs. The factory belongs to Thermo Fisher, which mainly produces instruments for blood culture testing. PolyOne cooperates with agricultural film manufacturers and provides related products and services

thermo Fisher is a publicly traded life sciences company with an annual revenue of US $13billion. In 2011, thermo 1 generally needs to be replaced every six months. F ExxonMobil has launched a series of glass packages, Santoprene level isher has acquired trek diagnostic systems in Cleveland, and has also acquired Sun Prairie factory

ronald o''brien, a spokesman for Thermo Fisher, said that the Sun Prairie factory has 36 employees and several contractors. These jobs will be transferred to Thermo Fisher's companies in Madison and Lenexa, Kan. It is unclear whether Sun Prairie's employees will also be transferred to these places

"we continue to work with the affected employees to help meet their needs and continue to provide relevant services to our customers," o''brien said

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