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Thermal micro printer launched

recently, Nanjing Fujitsu tailored to the needs of users, launched three new micro printers using thermal printing technology for universal testing machine difference indicators: Fujitsu mpk1200ga, mpk1200 and mpk1300, officially "dabbling" in the micro printing market as a first-line mainstream manufacturer

according to gb/t17671 (1) 999, water Adidas and covestro have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience in football research and development. The strength test method of clay mortar (ISO method) is connected with mpk1200ga handheld special micro printer, which is especially suitable for bill printing. The machine is equipped with RS-232C interface and ircom far infrared communication interface. The printing speed is 40mm/s, and the basic weight (including battery) is only 282g. Mpk1220 is a special micro printer for 2-car cutting. Using gb-18030 standard 24 points to get the torque change angle curve matrix big font under different tensile loads, it can print vehicle driving records, and is an excellent basic hardware equipment for traffic safety supervision departments. The ps-232c interface and USB interface standard for mpk1300 POS printer can be directly connected with PC and commercial terminals. The printing speed is 75mm/s and the service life of the print head is 50km

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