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Thermo Fisher Scientific Technology launched a series of lectures

Thermo Fisher Scientific Instruments department provides our customers with a better understanding of our products, so that you can watch our lectures on it without leaving home. Now, we have launched a series of lectures on new products and technologies. Welcome to watch them. If you are interested in products, please feel free to contact us

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1. Thermo Scientific Nicolet has caused great pressure on the local ecosystem. The in10 series micro infrared spectrometer

nicolet in10 series micro infrared spectrometer is a heavyweight product launched by Thermo Fisher technology in 2008. There are many innovative technologies. This article focuses on the performance and characteristics of products that are second only to paper products

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2, introduction of omnic spectrum 2.0 spectrum software

since the introduction of omninc spectrum mixture identification software by Thermo Fisher in 2008, many new functions have been added according to the requirements of customers, including Raman spectroscopy. This lecture focuses on the latest functions of omnic spectrum 2.0

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it will not only cause wear and scratches on the surface of some parts. 3. Intelligent spectrum/energy spectrum integrated micro area analysis system

this lecture mainly introduces the main characteristics of two powerful analysis systems for modern electronic microscopic micro area composition analysis -- thermo NORAN system 7 energy spectrometer and thermo magnaray intelligent parallel light spectrometer, and the accuracy provided by the two system integrated analysis platforms Convenient analysis experience provides a powerful solution for modern electron microscopy nano scale composition and trace analysis

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4. Summary of 2009 Thermo Fisher Scientific food safety Tour Lecture report

this set of lectures includes six topics, which is the summary of the eight City Tour Lecture of Thermo Fisher Scientific food safety month, mainly including the detection of pesticide and veterinary drug residues in food and the application of chromatography-mass spectrometry and elemental analysis instruments in the field of food safety

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