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The Belt and Road: FAW liberates Xichai's gold mining overseas market

the Belt and Road: FAW liberates Xichai's gold mining overseas market

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recently, FAW liberates Xichai by seizing the construction opportunity of the "the Belt and Road", improving the overseas market layout, and accelerating the pace of internationalization. The sales of engines in overseas markets continue to rise, becoming a dazzling business card in the world. Up to now, the export of supporting equipment of Wuxi Diesel has reached nearly 10000 units, and the export sales volume of single machine has exceeded 3500 units, hitting a new record

advantages highlight star products to achieve new sales goals

this year, Xichai Aowei ca6dm2, ca6dl2 and Conway 4dw series engines have become popular overseas. In the Middle East, the monthly sales volume of Xichai ca6dm2 engine matching Jiefang J6 truck exceeded 300, and its overall economic and dynamic advantages were highly praised by overseas customers; In Eastern Europe, the sales volume of Jiefang J6 heavy trucks matched with Xichai ca6dm2 and ca6dl2 engines increased by 100% over the same period last year; In Vietnam, the sales volume of sichai Kangwei 4dw engine exceeded 2000 at one stroke, and the market supporting share of Changhai automobile company, a local leading automobile enterprise, exceeded 40%, becoming the mainstream best-selling model in Vietnam's light truck market

supporting products with high quality to achieve new market highlights

superior quality and high cost performance are typical advantages of engines used in Xichai diesel generator sets. Since 2017, Xichai has adjusted the product structure of engines for generator sets according to market demand, and the export sales of generator sets have reached 3000. Not only has the traditional export market of Xichai increased significantly in Indonesia, South Africa, Spain, the Middle East and other countries, but also the export share of Xichai to emerging countries in Eastern Europe and the Philippines will be greatly increased, and new breakthroughs will be made in new markets such as Myanmar. At the same time, Xichai is also committed to the development of the U.S. market, has completed the development and certification of unit engines that meet EPA IV regulations, and has obtained the entry permit to enter the U.S. market

in the South African market, the Jiefang jh6 right steering wheel tractor was trial manufactured and rolled off the production line. The chief technical representative of the South African factory made it clear that "it must match the Xichai ca6dm3 engine". At present, the Xichai ca6dm3 engine, known as "golden power" after deformation measurement installation, has been widely recognized and praised in the South African market. Jac is fully equipped with Xichai 4df engine on its n721 medium-sized card tailored for the Southeast Asian market. The African version of tianv dump truck of FAW Jiefang Qingdao automobile factory also chooses Xichai ca6dl2 engine as the independent power supply. In 2017, relying on its strong R & D strength and superior product quality, Xichai joined hands with vehicle manufacturers to achieve the goal of supporting upgrading in many regions

comprehensive layout and improvement of network have become new driving forces for development

in 2017, Xichai made an all-round effort to the overseas market from the aspects of market development, service network construction, service parts guarantee, etc. Up to now, Xichai has established 8 offices and more than 100 professional service stations overseas. Through the layout, the difference between Xichai's marketing services and the aerospace field is that the parts and components used to produce lightweight polyurethane and honeycomb composite reinforcement materials cover five continents around the world, and the products are sold to 45 countries and regions around the world

taking advantage of the "the Belt and Road", relying on excellent product quality and perfect marketing service network, Xichai is accelerating the expansion of overseas markets and delivering "China Power" to more countries and regions around the world. (this article is from Xichai)

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