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Schneider Electric aims to have a long-term future. On July, 2010, Schneider Electric successfully held the Beijing station activity of the 2010 solutions summit. The successful conclusion of this activity also marks the perfect end of Schneider Electric's three-month energy efficiency management storm spanning six major cities across the country

it is understood that Schneider Electric has reaped more than 1000 energy-saving and efficiency enhancing cooperation projects through its tour performances across the country. Such achievements are really gratifying in the domestic energy-saving and efficiency enhancing market, which is still in its growth stage

wonderful solutions have become the protagonist of attention throughout the summit.

despite the hot weather, the on-site atmosphere of the Beijing Summit is still very hot, and the attraction of wonderful solutions to many industry customers is evident. In the event of this station, Schneider Electric continued the theme of green energy efficiency and achieving the future, comprehensively displayed energy-saving and efficiency enhancing solutions across various fields and industries for the guests, and emphatically introduced its ecostruxure? Outstanding advantages of energy efficiency management system

Zhu Hai, President of Schneider Electric China, said: the increasingly prominent energy problems have shaped the concept of energy conservation and efficiency increase, and the method has become more and more popular. As a global energy efficiency management expert, Schneider Electric can help you meet the urgent needs of energy conservation and reduce energy consumption. Global industries and buildings consume more than 70% of energy and resources, and more than 50% of carbon dioxide emission reduction should be achieved through energy conservation and efficiency improvement. As an important participant and promoter in the field of energy conservation, Schneider Electric helps customers achieve the goal of 30% energy conservation by providing innovative overall solutions, so as to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises

at the 2010 solutions summit, Schneider Electric also launched ecostruxure? Energy efficiency management system, which integrates the company's professional experience in the five fields of power, industry, building, data center and security, aims to provide customers with a fusion solution that can create an integrated energy management system across all application fields, and help customers create a simpler, transparent and economical intelligent energy Johnson & Johnson graphene 1. In terms of graphene raw material production technology, it continues to further develop the source management system. With the help of this system, the energy use of enterprises is more transparent. By realizing the real-time monitoring and optimization of energy use, enterprises can truly achieve energy conservation and efficiency without stopping

two advantages help ecostruxure platform become an energy-saving weapon

at this summit, Schneider Electric promoted ecostruxure? The energy efficiency management platform is still strong. As the core weapon of Schneider Electric in energy efficiency management, ecostruxure? It integrates the unique technology and professional experience of Schneider Electric in five fields: power, industry, building, data center and security. It is an intelligent energy management solution

during the event, Aaron Davis, chief marketing officer of Schneider Electric, came to the scene to help ecostruxure? Publicity work. He said: in the absence of comprehensive planning, different departments of the company need to deal with energy management issues through their own independent solutions, which will actually weaken the company's ability to achieve efficiency goals. Our goal is to improve energy efficiency and enhance the company's ability in the following two aspects: making undetectable energy waste easy to monitor and manage, and making energy efficiency improvement schemes feasible

it is not difficult to find that ecostruxure? The advantages of open integration architecture are particularly obvious, which makes users' cross domain needs can be flexibly met. For many large-scale enterprises, the management of power, industry, buildings, data centers, security and other aspects needs to be kept abreast. Ecostruxure? It should be consistent; For some users who only focus on energy efficiency improvement in some areas, this platform can also be flexibly configured according to actual needs, and support users' gradual expansion of applications in the future

aaron Davis believes that this architectural concept is also conducive to the visualization of energy efficiency management. He said: ecostruxure? At present, the energy efficiency management platform is the only important means in the world to take into account the energy problems of data centers, factory workshops and buildings through an architectural method, and it can clearly show the actual savings of funds brought by this energy efficiency management platform

davis also said: Schneider Electric's response to ecostruxure? Our expectation is very simple, that is, to develop and deploy an integrated architecture that integrates five key technical features to make energy safe, reliable, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly. What customers need is an integrated energy management solution that can be created across all application fields, which is the direction of Schneider Electric

with the help of ecostruxure?, Enterprises can obtain a simpler, more transparent and more economical inductive minimum management system for the location of energy centers, so as to achieve better operational performance and continuous improvement. From power and water resources to machinery operation and personnel waste, these forms of energy waste can arouse people's attention and improve, so as to improve efficiency

strive to cultivate the market and focus on the broad future

it can be seen that the just concluded 2010 annual solutions summit is undoubtedly a successful interpretation of Schneider Electric's new role as an energy efficiency management expert since its transformation, and it is also an initiative to cultivate the energy efficiency management market

although this activity has ended, in the face of China's energy efficiency management market, which is still growing rapidly, Schneider Electric's journey of preaching and cultivation will obviously not stop. In fact, with the attention of all parties, Schneider Electric's next phase of green energy efficiency promotion activities have gradually surfaced

according to Zhu Hai, President of Schneider Electric China, Schneider Electric will establish an experience center in Beijing in September this year to build a set of ecostruxure with narrow and complete molecular weight distribution of existing products? The energy efficiency management demonstration platform enables users from all walks of life to more intuitively understand ecostruxure?, We will also have a deeper understanding of the openness and visualization of this platform

Zhu Hai revealed that through a detailed demonstration, this experience center will present a comprehensive solution integrating property management, monitoring and security. In addition, visitors can also experience the process of remotely monitoring the energy efficiency of buildings in the United States, France and other places in Beijing. Zhu Hai said: remote energy management is a great direction in the future. Schneider Electric has a strong solution for this. This solution is based on ecostruxure? Yes

according to Zhu Hai, Schneider Electric will also set up an energy university based on the Internet platform, which will be open to all network users free of charge. Through the energy University, both beginners and professionals can get energy and energy efficiency management knowledge suitable for their own level. It is reported that the full Chinese version of this curriculum system is expected to be released in October

from these measures, it can be seen that as one of the first companies to focus on energy efficiency management, Schneider Electric is ready to cultivate China's energy efficiency market for a long time. How far is the harvest? It is believed that this answer will be written by Schneider Electric and domestic users

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