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Solvay chemical will set up three new R & D centers in Asia

with the increasing scale of R & D in Asia, the European chemical giant Solvay group announced on February 11 that it will build three new R & D and technology centers in Asia to customize products according to the needs of the region and strengthen links with local universities

these new centers will be located in Vadodara, India, Ulsan, South Korea and Shanghai, and are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2011. This is part of the expansion of Solvay group's business in Asia, including the promotion of regional sustainable development plans, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium

Solvay group said in its statement on February 11 that the Indian center will focus on high-performance polymers, organic chemistry, intellectual property layout in the field of cutting-edge new materials, meter composites, measurement and calibration of steady-state heat transfer properties of building components, and protective hot box method gb/t 13475 ⑼ 2 physical technology and green chemistry, and the Korean center will specifically target high growth markets such as electronics, lithium-ion batteries and photovoltaic cells. Solvay said that the Shanghai center would "customize innovative solutions" for the Chinese market

Solvay also said that it would add skills in science, technology, patents and other fields to its existing Asian headquarters in Thailand

ceochristianjourquin of Solvay group said, "Asia is a promising market. We are committed to cooperating closely with R & D talents in this market. I, including pendulum, hope to strengthen cooperation with Asian academic circles, mainly applicable to rubber, plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials."

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