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To solve the energy shortage, the UK funded 56million pounds to develop "mini" nuclear power plants

according to the independent, the UK government will invest 56million pounds to fund the research and development of "mini" nuclear power plants in the next three years. The government said in a statement that the funds will be used to evaluate the performance of advanced small reactor modules (SMRs) and accelerate their research and development progress

smrs is a miniature version of larger nuclear power plants by using existing or new nuclear power technologies, and the power generation will be 1/10 of that of large nuclear power plants

the company that developed this technology said that the "mini" nuclear power plant will help solve the energy shortage problem that may occur in the UK in the near future, and its cost is much lower than that of large nuclear power plants. There are many old and large nuclear power plants in the UK that are about to "further develop the use of steel structures in public infrastructure and other fields. In order to implement the emission reduction agreement, many coal-fired power plants in the UK will also be closed. In this way, by 2030, the amount of power generation 253044907020 in the UK will be reduced to half of the current amount

although such nuclear power plants are still in the stage of building natus medical institutions and establishing new standards for the utilization of materials for baby care products, developers say that these nuclear power plants may be able to deploy power generation around 2025. However, critics say developers may not be able to guarantee that the costs of such nuclear power plants will be cut to an economically feasible level

Richard Harrington, the British energy secretary, said in a simple statement: "nuclear power plants are an important part of energy, which can provide us with low-carbon electricity. New methods will help promote British innovation."

the British government also plans to provide 86million pounds to the kalham nuclear fusion research center to fund research in nuclear fusion. At present, they are also evaluating potential sites, hoping to find a suitable site to build a nuclear power plant with a power generation capacity of 1billion watts

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