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Solve the problems related to steel radiators

Sales Director guojinfeng helps you solve the problems related to steel radiators: as we all know, the media that provide heat sources for radiators are mainly water and steam, but families generally use water for heating. Broadly speaking, the corrosion of oxygen contained in their electric (gas) safety protection equipment to steel is a major problem that has been difficult to solve for steel radiators at present. It requires that the oxygen content in the water should not be greater than 0.1mg/m3 and ph=10~12. Although it requires that the hot water used by radiators must be deaerated, most of them are still difficult to implement; And for some reason, the large-area central heating method cannot seal the whole system, which leads to the inability to be isolated from oxygen. In addition, without full water maintenance after stopping heating, the oxygen content in the system exceeds the standard, and oxidation corrosion cannot be avoided, especially in the wet state, oxidation is more serious. Guo Jinfeng, the sales director, suggests that you must pay attention to the quality of radiators when purchasing radiators. Safety is very important for the company, which has been producing and supplying spring testing machines, spring change testing machines, and spring tension and compression testing machines for many years. The market capacity of plastic extruder will be further expanded. Beilushu radiator is one of the top ten brands in terms of ideology and management mode, which is worthy of trust by consumers! If you have any questions, please call for help

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