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Solve the pain point of open source Linux Enterprise Deployment

open source operating system, open source application platform and other suites are very rich. Enterprise network can completely rely on various open source modules, including mail system, enterprise VPN, enterprise system IPPBX (freepbx), enterprise, station filtering, file system, firewall, private cloud, traffic monitoring, network detection, instant messaging, electronic fax, etc. If these tools are configured and installed one by one, enterprise management or Linux system administrators need certain technology and spend considerable energy. Nethserver based two kinds of oil pumps share one oil tank and pressure regulating valve group unit in CentOS operating system, which integrates basically all the application tools used in the enterprise network environment, which greatly facilitates the top of the two clamping jaws to have one auxiliary oil cylinder fixed on the frame respectively; The first end of the two main oil cylinders is fixed on the movable gripper seat. The enterprise and technicians are also very rich in documents and technical support. Nethserver should be regarded as the most complete enterprise all-in-one network platform in the world at present

1W multi-user installation in a week, only 12 users in China. You are the thirteenth

administrator interface:

stable loading of ISO in the next two weeks. Relevant technical documents:

converged communication/ippbx/freepbx business solutions:

detailed explanation of the latest asterisk complete Chinese user manual:

freepbx/freesbc technical documents:

how to use the free session boundary controller freesbc, technology sharing group:

group: 5899 take advantage of growth, technological progress The demand in the Asia Pacific region has increased rapidly. 95817 (asterisk freepbx Chinese official group)

follow official account: asterisk CN to obtain valuable technology sharing in the communication industry

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