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[solution] Yunyi IP broadcast intercom communication system application plan for the coal mine industry

coal mine communication needs and background

for the enterprises that can be used to manufacture butyl rubber and styrene butadiene rubber fixtures used in the tortuous experiment of coal mines, life is paramount and safety is the first. In order to effectively ensure the safety production of coal mining enterprises, more and more coal mining enterprises have begun to build a set of communication system covering both the underground and the underground, It can realize safe broadcasting, command and scheduling, safe production, etc

in order to reduce the hidden dangers of safety production and implement safety production, many coal companies began to build coal mine emergency broadcast and intercom systems. In case of emergency, realize the whole mine voice broadcasting in a short time; In normal production and life, realize intercom communication underground and on the well. Through the broadcast system, safety instructions are issued to the underground covered places, so as to effectively guide the safe evacuation of personnel

the coal mine emergency broadcast intercom communication system mainly meets the following three requirements:

1. Realize the intercom over the well and underground

be able to initiate intercom with the underground terminal equipment, and realize the voice call between the underground control center and the underground operation area

2. Underground shouting and broadcasting

underground operators can initiate shouting and broadcasting to the well through underground terminal equipment, and can feed back the underground situation to the ground control center at the first time

3. Shouting and broadcasting in the underground office area

similarly, the underground office can also shout and broadcast to the underground through the console to keep in touch with the underground personnel and realize remote control

coal mine broadcast intercom communication solution

Yunyi IP broadcast intercom integrated scheduling system solution. The specific implementation scheme is as follows:

deploy a set of IP broadcast intercom integrated scheduling system in the general control room, which serves as the core scheduling system server and connects with each scheduling terminal equipment through local area

install explosion-proof telephone in the coal mine, connect to the local area, and connect to the core dispatching server through the network

the control room can broadcast and shout to all terminals, such as phones and stereos. At the same time, according to the requirements of different tasks, you can broadcast and shout throughout the region or in different areas

phones can talk to each other, and the console can monitor, forcibly insert and forcibly disassemble the calls between the two

all calls can be recorded. In the call record, the recording can be played and downloaded

external lines can be connected through the docking of relay switches

Yun Yi I will comprehensively improve the quality management level. P Guang will produce some metal chip broadcast intercom communication system solutions, which can help coal mining enterprises establish a timely, efficient and convenient coal mine broadcast intercom system. When an emergency occurs, it will automatically call the emergency plan and emergency broadcast to help the miners evacuate in an emergency, as a communication tool for evacuation command and dispatching

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