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Solvay and srian composites reached a global agreement on the production of special foamed plastics to help the application of lightweight materials in the advanced transportation industry

China, Shanghai, March 13, 2015 - Solvay recently successfully joined hands with srian composites to jointly produce innovative special foamed plastics for the advanced transportation industry. The joint load test of the two companies is to achieve the tensile performance with a fixed angle gasket, which means that a cost-effective customizable foamed plastic product will be mass produced for the first time in the global market. This special foamed plastic can replace the traditional labor-intensive production materials and effectively reduce the weight of applied products

this innovative material has achieved the world-class actual manufacturing level thanks to the perfect combination of the advantages of both sides. Srian composites has unique expertise in industrial production processes and rich experience in producing large quantities of foaming products, while Solvay has the world's leading ultra-high performance plastic material technology. The cooperation between the two sides will begin with radel ® The production of foam (commonly known as sandwich multilayer composite material) has begun. This material has been used in Airbus A2, electromechanical and oil pump. The different performance of different insulation materials directly determines the service life and noise level of the universal experimental machine. 350 and solar imp (solar IMP) project. Future cooperation will be further extended to other product technologies currently being developed by Solvay

advanced transportation tools such as commercial aircraft and high-speed trains are increasingly relying on special foamed plastics to replace heavy traditional plastic and metal structural materials. These traditional materials are not only time-consuming in production but also expensive in maintenance. The lightweight application of special foaming materials is not only widely used, from aircraft and train cabin to equipment pipes and even trolleys, but also can further improve the energy efficiency of the transportation industry

"our cooperation will bring significant changes to the mass production of high-tech foaming materials. Component manufacturers will also benefit a lot from it, such as obtaining greater flexibility in design and ensuring good material strength and insulation from the highest level of annealing." Armin klesing, global business development manager of aerospace and composites of Solvay polymer division, said

"our company has always led the development and innovation of global foaming technology, and is now at the forefront of providing solutions for the production of large quantities of special foaming materials. Our joint efforts with Solvay will create a leader in foaming products in the lightweight high-end market." Roman Thomassin, CEO of srian composites, said

the global R & D and manufacturing networks of both sides ensure the smooth operation of the global logistics system and regional support within the scope of this cooperation. Srian composites expects to increase the production capacity of extruded foaming materials on the U.S. production line in 2016, and continue to consolidate its existing product line to provide services to the market

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