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Microwave heated bagged chocolate sauce

designed for cacao Noel fondue au Chocolat's chocolate sauce, and underwritten by Paris gourmet in Carlstadt, New Jersey, USA, the new packaging bag won LPS Industrial Company the Gold Award for excellent packaging. This is a vertical bag with a zipper, and the outside design is very attractive. There are three hot-melt chocolate plates inside, which can be kept fresh in the bag for one year. Unlike other chocolate hotpots packed in cardboard boxes, this hot ready to eat product is packaged in brightly colored red film bags

the material of this sealed bag is a polyester/polyethylene (PET) structure, about 4.5 mils thick. LPS adopts the existing equipment to apply glue and laminate. Both sides of its structure are fireproof polymer mortar reinforced coiled material surface and printing, and finally it is made into a vertical bag. A uteco flexographic printer is used to reverse print the polyester layer. The colors include four printing colors and two spot colors. LPS also uses a convenient top LOC extruded plastic zipper on the top of the packaging bag. LPS can produce such packaging bags in small quantities, which it says can facilitate customers who only need a small number of products or facilitate their trial sales

after heating or boiling in the microwave oven, you can either enjoy it in a bag or pour it into a prepared bowl. The pattern design on the package is simple and artistic. On the bright red background, a strawberry is immersed in a bowl of melted chocolate, which is made in China and is an innovative scientific and technological equipment in the world. All this has greatly seduced people's taste buds and made chocolate fans' dreams come true

bag size 7 × 7 inches, with a 1 inch top gusset and a 2 1/2 inch bottom gusset, which can hold 10 ounces of product. The chocolate can be melted in the microwave oven after heating for one minute. Then, let it cool for another minute and you can eat it. No stirring or other preparation is required

information source: packaging Expo

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