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Baishuzhong: artificial intelligence big data leads future health management. Jinshan Science and technology stomach capsule robot was born with the trend

Harbin, August 12, 2018/PR newswires/-- from August 10 to August 12, 2018, it was sponsored by the China Health Promotion Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the Health Promotion Association), supported by the health management branch of the Chinese Medical Association (hereinafter referred to as the Chinese Medical Association) and the Chinese Journal of health management, The "Eighth National Health Management Demonstration Base Construction Seminar" jointly organized by the health management branch of Heilongjiang Medical Association, the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University and the Health Management Institute of China Health Promotion Foundation was successfully held in Wanda Wenhua Hotel, Jiangbei, Harbin. Jinshan Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinshan Technology) also attended the meeting

the main leaders, experts and guests attending the conference are: baishuzhong, lifelong honorary chairman of China Health Promotion Foundation and former director of the General Logistics Department of health, Zeng Qiang, chairman of the health management branch of the Chinese Medical Association and director of the Institute of health management of the PLA General Hospital. Professor Jeffrey bland, the founder of American functional medicine, also specially attended the meeting from the United States. There are a large number of celebrities with rich contents and diverse forms. The vivid theme activity of "sports are good medicine", the soul of health management concept and practice sharing, the exchange of dry goods experience in the construction of the demonstration base, the performance management method of orderly operation of the key vitality of the project, and the multi center stage Research Report on the applicable technology and products of health management are a feast for the eyes

lifetime honorary chairman of China health promotion foundation combined steel template jg/t3060 ⑴ 999. At the meeting, Bai Shuzhong, former director of the General Logistics Department of health, proposed that the development of China's health cause will be comprehensively upgraded into a new era and develop towards intelligent and intelligent medicine. AI big data will lead the future of big data. The conference specially invited Jinshan Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinshan Technology) representing the national high-tech image enterprise to attend the conference. Bai Shuzhong, chairman of the Council for the promotion of health, personally met with Mr. Wang Jinshan, chairman of Jinshan technology, and had in-depth exchanges. At the conference, Jinshan technology first demonstrated the world's first stomach capsule AI robot (hereinafter referred to as robot). The robot has high-tech functions such as accurate positioning, full-automatic examination, AI intelligent film reading, cloud based post diagnosis management, and is the first to lead health management into a new era of physical examination. The exhibition adopts an appointment system. During this period, many experts and leaders paid a special visit and praised this intelligent medical technology. The person in charge of the exhibition said that the robot, based on the technological precipitation of Jinshan technology for 20 years, is a real robot developed through big data (clinical case) analysis and the latest AI computing. The robot plans to officially issue an active horizontal beam cloth at the China International Intelligent Industry Expo held in Yuelai, Chongqing on the 24th of this month. Leaders praised it as a forward-looking technology and a visionary enterprise

as the global leading brand of MEMS intelligent medical technology, and also the pioneer of capsule endoscope technology with independent intellectual property rights in China, Jinshan technology has successfully launched the whole digestive tract intelligent brand OMOM - "whole digestive tract intelligent solution" in the field of physical examination. The OMOM includes the gold standard pH impedance series for esophageal diagnosis, "huitu magnetic control capsule gastroscope system" (type III), a combination of "type I capsule endoscopy system" + "wide-angle capsule endoscopy system" and a colon capsule endoscopy system, which are health defenders of the stomach. It provides a "housekeeper" type of thoughtful, comprehensive, professional and accurate safety protection for the health management of the digestive tract

Wang Jinshan, chairman of Jinshan Technology (Group), and Bai Shuzhong, chairman of the Council for the promotion of health, have had in-depth exchanges and group photos (Jinshan technology booth of high technology)

intelligent medicine and health management have become national strategic goals. National leaders have brought this concept abroad and hope to reach a consensus with the international community and jointly deepen cooperation in this field. Health management is a common problem facing mankind all over the world. Intelligent medicine promotes the reform of the global medical structure and benefits the people. Mr. Wang Jinshan, who visited the BRICs meeting, also made a speech at the meeting to respond to the national call, based on the big health industry, promote the progress of medical technology, bring China's cutting-edge high-tech technologies and products out of the country and integrate them with the world, deepen international cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Jinshan technology takes the lead in achieving cooperation with international platforms based on the concept of smart medical treatment and smart physical examination. As early as 2012, capsule endoscopy of Jinshan Science and technology entered Johannesburg general hospital, the largest public hospital in South Africa, as an international cooperation project of the Ministry of science and technology of China. The application of this technology has been recognized by friends in the African medical industry and has accumulated a large number of data resources. Over the years, the layout of Jinshan technology in 83 countries and regions around the world has already formed an international big data center. There are not only massive data, but also characteristic project databases in different countries and regions. It is a necessary foundation for the implementation of health management globalization and intelligent medical globalization

Wang Jinshan made a speech at the BRICs conference

now global giants have entered the intelligent medical and health industry across industries, such as Apple's big health data platform, IBM tumor management, Watson robot, baidu medical platform, "Da Vinci" robot, etc., all competing to enter this value blue ocean. Relevant personnel of Jinshan technology joked that in fact, their competitors are not traditional medical device companies, but from these cross industry technology giants

a new era has come. The Association for the promotion of health and the Chinese Medical Association will continue to promote the great development of health management. "The trend of life extension is health management, and the future of medical technology must be artificial intelligence!". Jinshan technology will also continue to be committed to the new physical examination of smart medicine, and hopes that more capable and visionary smart enterprises and high-tech enterprises will invest in the cause of health and strive for human life and health

source: Chongqing Jinshanke is a new generation of special fiber material technology (Group) Co., Ltd

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