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Baichao glass pursues innovation

on May 28, 2015, Beijing - Bystronic glass, the world's leading supplier of architectural and automotive glass processing and solutions, appeared at China glass2015 to display its high-quality glass processing system solutions tailored for the Chinese market

dr. burgard Schneider, The Global CEO of Baichao glass visited China and said: "We continue to be optimistic about China's glass market. In the field of automotive glass and architectural glass, which we focus on, the Chinese market has great development potential. China has the largest automotive consumer group in the world, and is still expanding at a high speed; in the field of architectural decoration, although the growth rate of real estate is declining, its demand for high-quality glass is bullish for a long time, and also maintains a certain increase in the short term. In particular, China The government has recently released the made in China 2025 strategy, which means that made in China will pay close attention to the change of state of the main motor flow meter and various indicators when it is adding materials from the middle and low end of the industrial chain to the high end under the stronger guidance. The realization of this process is inseparable from high-quality products and high-quality glass processing system solutions, which is why Baichao glass comes. "

since its establishment in 1964, Baichao glass has focused on the development and production of glass processing systems, and has delivered many high-quality architectural glass, automotive glass products and processing system solutions to major markets around the world. "In order to meet the diversified needs of local customers in China, Baichao glass will not only provide many differentiated products ranging from independent machines to covering the entire processing chain - from basic units to automated and customized glass processing solutions - but will also be equipped with more professional and reliable service support." Mr. Hans Ulrich Schick, President of Baichao glass China, said that this means that it has a longer life than other insulation materials (such as glass wool)

at the exhibition, Baichao glass showed an efficient primary automation solution for insulating glass production - b'comfort. This insulating glass production line includes a glass washer, a testing platform, a manual frame loading platform, an automatic sheet combining platform and a unit that can inflate the insulating glass at any time. In addition, as an option, b'comfort can be equipped with a new high-efficiency sealing machine to seal insulating glass continuously and automatically. The system is efficient and the equipment layout is compact, which allows customers to obtain greater production efficiency per unit area. In terms of processing economy, the system has low investment benchmark and high cost performance, and can be upgraded according to customer needs in the later stage

as an ideal economical model most suitable for the production of industrial insulating glass, during the on-site demonstration held during the exhibition, professional visitors can personally experience the advantages of the production line, such as easy operation, rapid and accurate production. Among them, the most impressive thing for visitors is that the b'comfort production line is also a low-cost way for customers to rapidly expand the production capacity of insulating glass: each shift can produce 800 inflatable insulating glass units, which will greatly benefit customers from efficient production

Baichao glass also exhibited various products and advanced production technologies applied to the pretreatment of architectural glass and automotive glass. From the beginning of the process, Baichao glass provided support for customers' equipment plans. Since then, service personnel all over the country can provide local customers with spare parts and on-site support services. Personalized training has played a perfect complementary role in their service projects. "Our focus is to help customers improve their competitiveness. Therefore, whether it is a single product or a complete process flow, customers can get the most suitable solution from Baichao glass." Dr. burghard Schneider explained

it is the 10th anniversary of Baichao glass in China, Mr. Schick said: "In the past 10 years, Baichao glass has made great progress. The factory in Jiading, Shanghai, has produced more than 100 glass production lines, which not only meet the needs of local users in a short distance with the 'Baichao standard', but also export to all parts of the world. Now, Jiading factory has more than 44 professionals. Through the local assembly of imported parts, Baichao glass has maintained the consistent German and Swiss Quality of Baichao glass, but can improve the product performance and quality." To this end, a warm celebration was held at the booth, and many new and old customers were invited to taste authentic German beer and share "100 super happy hours"

"Chinese customers' requirements for 'quality' are rapidly increasing. In the face of more and more complex processing needs in the future, Baichao glass will rely on innovation to help customers to produce more efficiently. In addition, it also needs to often apply anti rust oil to these areas. At the same time, Baichao will continue to actively expand the Chinese market, follow the 'the Belt and Road', and Baichao will have more partners in China in the future." Dr. burghard Schneider concluded

about Baichao glass

Baichao glass is committed to leading the innovation of processing machinery, systems and services for architectural glass and automotive glass, promoting market development and promoting industrial innovation. From basic needs to overall personalized installation, Baicao can provide the highest quality leading solutions, and provide support to global customers with perfect sales and service network. Since 1994, Baichao has joined the well-known Swiss industrial holding company conzzeta AG

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