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Baidu AI Cloud launched Web video conference, and limited time free

remote office has solved the work problems during the epidemic, but how to communicate effectively has become a big problem. For example, in enterprise recruitment, when Miss HR wants to communicate face-to-face with candidates, it is a little difficult to prevent and control the epidemic. When the company's conference system is used for interview, the applicant has no account. What to do

don't worry, smart friends have started using web video conferencing

the problem is solved

for the various problems faced by offline office, Baidu AI Cloud quickly launched Web video conferencing. Different from the ordinary video conference system, it solves the problem that it is difficult for external personnel to join, and it can be used by opening the page without downloading any client. The outstanding thing is that it is simple and convenient! In terms of practicality, it can be applied to most video conference scenarios

for example, the recruitment problem we mentioned at the beginning can be solved by using web video conferencing

during the epidemic period, it is difficult for enterprises to understand and control the health status of candidates, so it is not suitable to conduct a large number of interviews. Just attach an online interview link to the interview invitation email. The interviewers do not need to download, register and other cumbersome operations. They can join the conference with one click. The machines of many domestic manufacturers can reach the internationally recognized quality inspection standards, which is safe and convenient

not only is it a video interview, but also external communication is a headache for enterprises at present. Customers or partners usually don't have company conference accounts, and they can't share the screen after joining the club, which makes the most common ppt presentations difficult. When the number of participants increases, the difficulty coefficient of this problem increases. What should we do? Fortunately, web video conferencing can be solved one by one, which can not only enable customers to quickly join one-time online communication without burden, but also ensure that the video is not stuck

three advantages create a perfect meeting experience

not only solves the needs of external personnel for meetings, but also starts with more details. Good performance and richer functions make participants more comfortable to use. Let's see together

web one second membership meeting creators only need to click the "meet now" button to generate a meeting link, and copy and share it with participants. Participants can click the link to join the meeting in one second, creating the fastest membership experience. All conference links have been encrypted to ensure the privacy and security of the conference to the greatest extent

high definition stable and smooth web video conference integrates the technical advantages of Baidu AI Cloud in intelligent audio and video, transmission and storage, and achieves high-definition image quality, echo cancellation, intelligent noise reduction and voice enhancement. 80% packet loss resistance, smooth calls in weak situations, clear without jamming, and users can enjoy the ultimate conference experience anytime, anywhere

are you afraid of your poor appearance when you participate in important meetings? Web video conferencing allows users to preview the camera status before joining the conference, making themselves beautiful all the time and avoiding messy environment. 4 The working environment should be clean and awkward. In addition, web video conferencing also has more intimate gadgets, such as:

meetings can be reserved in advance, and invitations can be sent by filling in participants' mailboxes, and there is no restriction on mailbox categories.

you can manually enter the name of your own participants, or mark your own responsible business, so as to facilitate other participants to know and greatly improve communication efficiency.

screen sharing can be carried out in meetings, and full screen sharing or specified window sharing is supported, Here we will mention a basic concept - mechanical relaxation to protect privacy

how many steps can we take to make good use of web video conferencing

isn't it amazing? This is what the boss says about other people's video conferences. I want to experience them every minute

no problem. I'll teach you how to hold a meeting at the speed of light

step 1: open or view

step 2: log in to baidu account

step 3: Click to have a meeting now

yes, it's that simple. Not only that, Baidu AI Cloud opened unlimited video conference for free during the epidemic period. You only need 2 steps to complete registration and you can get 5000 minutes of conference time

the high-definition and smooth remote conference starts immediately

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