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Bahrain tobacco products must be printed with picture health warnings

all tobacco products in Bahrain must be printed with picture health warnings

Dr. kadhem al halwachi, coordinator of the tobacco control department of the Ministry of health of Bahrain, said that the measures formulated by the anti smoking Committee of the Gulf Cooperation countries will be implemented in the next two years. He added that the warning text for tobacco products would be accompanied by a picture

al halwachi said: picture warnings and text warnings will account for% of the product packaging, and should be displayed on the front and back of the unstable packaging that affects the rotation of the pointer. The font size of the text description is 14 characters

all tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, shisha cigarettes and chewing tobacco bags will display various information and pictures about the negative effects of smoking

similarly, Qatar, which is also a member of the Gulf Cooperation countries, also announced that it would soon implement a tougher health warning on all tobacco products. The upper window measurement value is red

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