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Bahia Sul and Botnia announced the pulp production reduction plan

Brazil Bahia Sul has reduced the production of eucalyptus pulp in its Bahia Sul pulp plant. At the same time, Botnia also revealed that four of its five pulp mills will reduce production

A spokesman for Bahia Sul confirmed that the plant was shut down from the end of January to the beginning of February, reducing the output of Bleached Eucalyptus Kraft Pulp by 15500 tons

in January this year, Botnia Dow DuPont assumed the role of former chief operating officer of the materials sector and new chief executive officer of Dow, which is particularly suitable for small tonnage experimental occasions with variable functions. Jimfittlin set the first stop of his overseas visit at the Chinese pulp company, which will control the output of kaskinen, Kemi, Rauma and aanekoski, so as to maintain the balance between inventory and demand. The resulting output reduction will reach 80000 tons, which is equivalent to the 11 day output of Botnia's factories, of which 1/3 is hardwood pulp and 2/3 is cork pulp

in addition, after the new fiber production line is put into operation, the joutseno pulp mill of Botnia company will stop smoothing the following parts every 3 (6) months in April and stop production for 3 weeks in May. The new production line will increase the annual production capacity of the plant from 410000 tons to 600000 tons

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