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Baiyun chemical appeared at the Turkish glass industry exhibition 2015. On March, 2015, the 15th Turkish international glass door and window Industry Exhibition hosted by tuyap international exhibition company was grandly held in Istanbul. Baiyun Chemical Co., Ltd. made a magnificent appearance with local dealers

adhering to the marketing concept of "changing demand and exceeding demand", Baiyun chemical has continuously improved product quality and service, which has been widely praised by the majority of users, and the sampling rate of brand reputation has been continuously improved. This year, the company once again comprehensively upgraded the performance of its products, and greatly enriched the product lines of hollow doors and windows to meet the diversified and diversified needs of the market

at this exhibition, Baiyun chemical exhibited star products such as silicone weatherproof sealant for insulating glass and sealant for insulating glass structure assembly, which passed the European standard en1279 and had excellent performance, according to the characteristics of the Turkish market, to provide local insulating glass manufacturers with a perfect overall solution for insulating glass sealing system. At the same time, it also brings a new and upgraded green door, window and curtain wall product solution, which is favored and highly praised by many buyers

in recent years, the terrorist activities of extremist organizations in the neighboring Islamic States and the conflict between Syria and Iraq, the neighboring country, have made Turkey a safe harbor for the transition of border and neighboring countries where the demand for special materials accounts for more than 30% of the weekly consumption, and a large number of businessmen rush in from volatile countries to look for business opportunities. In addition, Turkey's unique geographical advantage across the Eurasian continent has also attracted businessmen from countries in the Eurasian border region and North Africa, making it an international trade center in Europe and Asia. With its stable quality and perfect service system, Baiyun chemical has performed steadily in the Turkish market and surrounding countries, and is deeply trusted and loved by customers. The demand for products has risen steadily

this turkey international glass industry exhibition was held at the same time as the "three meetings" of Baiyun chemical industry, echoing each other from afar, fully demonstrating the brand style of industry leaders, and laying a solid foundation for Baiyun chemical industry to strive to build a global leader brand of sealant and open a new market pattern

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