The hottest Bailian plans to add 5.6 billion inves

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On November 6, the company disclosed the fixed increase plan in the evening of November 6. After the company quickly pressed the "stop" button, the company released its hands and planned to issue 30million shares in a non-public manner at a base price of 18.72 yuan/share. After deducting the issuance expenses, the raised funds of 562million yuan, of which 300million yuan was invested 2 × For the 150000t/a titanium rich material construction project (phase I), the remaining funds will supplement the working capital

Bailian plans to invest 560million more in titanium dioxide project

the company said that through this non-public offering, the company will raise "2 × The 150000t/a titanium rich material construction project (phase I) is also called "impact toughness" construction, and the company's working capital is supplemented to meet the capital demand in daily business activities such as material preparation due to the further expansion of the production scale of the company's down mounted rotating spindle company in the next two years. The successful implementation of this non-public offering will not only improve the production facilities for blocking water access of the company's titanium dioxide chlorination project, extend the company's industrial chain, but also help to optimize the company's financial structure and enhance the company's financial strength

it is worth mentioning that, in addition to the actual controllers Xu Gang, Tanrui, Wang Xia and Qitaihe Juhui, who are an external institutional investor, the rest are hanjianhua, Chang Yili, yangminle, zhangqibin and wangxuetang, all of whom are directors or senior managers of the company, which has a good incentive and binding effect on guiding the long-term behavior of the company's internal managers

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