The finished curtain of leshangju children's serie

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The finished curtain of leshangju children's series is designed with parents' intentions to create a pure and energetic space for children to spend every happy time with children

the world in children's eyes is colorful and romantic,

they always have many wonderful ideas

when International Children's Day is coming,

give children an exclusive "space". It can be a free ocean world,

or a forest fairy tale that meets dreams

can be a little partner full of happy energy,

can also be a warm and healing big friend

leshanggu children's series finished curtain,

there is always a wonderful idea to meet children,

accompany him to grow up happily

first stop: I'm a little navigator

pure blue,

is most suitable for innocent and romantic children,

it has the breath of the sky and ocean,

is full of the theme of dreams,

can better inspire children to explore the future

match it with Warm Beige,

give the space a sunny and cheerful atmosphere,

let children feel the warmth of home,

maintain a positive attitude towards life

second stop: Happy Forest deer

every child is a happy elf in the eyes of parents,

just like a deer in the forest

the curtain is based on soft yellow,

coupled with natural and vivid scenes,

elvish deer burst into the forest,

so comfortable and happy,

like a fairy tale,

accompany the children to sleep safely

third stop: Mermaid's foam summer

blue-green with light yellow,

like a summer ocean,

sparkling, sunny,

dreamy and ethereal

the integration of lace and bubbles,

makes the whole space look clean and light,

like a mermaid princess in the gentle warm wind,

clear and elegant,

looking for happiness

fourth stop: Cinderella's star wish

the yellow curtain body is glittering with stars,

the delicate and beautiful reverie hovers out,

gray is dotted with pink curtain head,

exquisite with elegance,

the white window screen is full of charm and romance,

interweaves a beautiful fairy tale world

in this exclusive space,

make a good wish,

look forward to the magnificent transformation of each princess

fifth stop: Hello, page

chooses the pink department that is spoiled all over the body,

at the same time, it integrates the popular element of Peppa Pig,

is full of childlike and sweet design,

can not only resonate more with children,

but also make him feel the protection of parental love every moment

the whole space is like a family animation,

accompany friends of all sizes to grow up happily

sixth stop: the warm Mr. bear

the combination of blue and white,

is like the sky with clouds,

makes the whole space relaxed and comfortable,

can also give children more natural associations

at the same time,

the inherent calm power of blue,

also has a soothing effect on active children

and the simple bear gives people a natural good impression,

like a friend, it warms children's body and mind

leshangju children's series finished curtains,

every curtain is designed with the intentions of parents,

create a pure and energetic space for children,

spend every happy time with children

finally, I wish you all a happy June day in advance

may we all have a childlike innocence,

to love the world and life

(Graphic source: leshangju leshangju, invasion and deletion)





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