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"Sunrise Huashe wanzhang silk, a wall fabric brand that can make the people of Keqiao, Shaoxing proud" -- this is the vision of Mr. Ma liegang, general manager of Hongqi fabric Hennessy brand

"sunrise Huashe wanzhang silk, a wall cloth brand that can make the people of Keqiao, Shaoxing proud" -- this is the vision of Mr. Ma liegang, general manager of Hennessy brand of Hongqi cloth industry

from August 13 to 15, 2018, at the first Shaoxing (Keqiao) Textile City wallpaper and wallpaper exhibition, Hongqi fabric industry, as an important exhibitor, brought "new versions, new stores, new policies" to partners across the country. Following the great success of the Shanghai Exhibition from August 10 to 12, the red flag booth at Shaoxing exhibition is also sought after by dealers across the country

Shaoxing brand, one cloth in ten years

has become a unicorn in the wall fabric industry

this Shaoxing exhibition, Vice Mayor Chen Dehong of Shaoxing and his delegation visited the red flag fabric booth on the first day of the exhibition and made important instructions. Mr. Ma of Hongqi cloth industry cordially exchanged industry experience and management experience with Vice Mayor Chen. Vice Mayor Chen put forward his own unique views on the future vision of Shaoxing's wall cloth industry, and encouraged the small partners of Hongqi cloth industry to make further progress and become unicorns in the wall cloth industry. Let's roll up our sleeves and work together

second generation Hennessy brand monopoly

impressive, imaginable, and touchable

after the Shanghai exhibition, Hongqi fabric also showed its new second-generation monopoly stores to its partners all over the country at the Shaoxing exhibition. This paper comprehensively expounds the ingenuity spirit of red flag from three dimensions: observable, imaginable and touchable

the flow of people is like weaving, witnessing the greatness

making wall cloth to improve the quality of Chinese families' home life

Hongqi cloth industry has always been taking improving the quality of Chinese families' home life as its own responsibility, starting with wall cloth, layout wall decoration categories. As a brand that has been deeply engaged in the wall industry for 31 years, Hongqi fabric industry will live up to expectations, keep improving, and present more and better products to you

from Beijing to Shanghai, and then to Keqiao, Shaoxing, the base of Hongqi, the three major wall decoration industry exhibitions in the past 18 years, Hongqi cloth industry has made a step-by-step progress, laid a solid foundation, and injected the pragmatic, truth-seeking, and conscientious brand spirit into products, giving products life

"no matter how noisy the world is, our influence is also obvious" -- Hongqi fabric industry will continue to forge ahead. I wish every fellow traveler side by side with Hongqi, we will share glory together




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