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Cost implementation plan for safe and civilized construction measures

the Xixia County power garden 1 # residential building project undertaken by Nanyang construction and Development Engineering Co., Ltd. adopts safety protection, safety signs According to yjJ (2004) No. 161 document, the cost of safe and civilized construction measures should be priced in full according to the pricing method issued by the competent department of Henan Provincial Department of construction (its costs include scaffolding, comprehensive costs, increased costs of safe and civilized construction and other project costs)

the cost of safe and civilized construction measures of the project is about 10000, and the calculation standard is the comprehensive working days in the comprehensive pricing × thirty-four × 10.06%

I. in the cost of engineering construction measures, on-site enclosure, closed management, construction site, material stacking, on-site temporary facilities, comprehensive treatment, construction signs, living facilities, health care and first aid, on-site fire control, community services, etc

the itemized costs are as follows:

(I), on-site fencing, closed management, construction site, material stacking, on-site temporary facilities, comprehensive treatment, construction signs, living facilities, health care and first aid, on-site fire control, community services, etc., totaling 10000 yuan

1. Site fence: the site fence is arranged according to the location shown in the general plan of the building and the layout plan of the construction site, meeting the requirements of civilized construction

2. Closed management: closed management not only refers to the closed management of the construction site, but also refers to the closed management of the safety of the project under construction

(1) gate: set a gate according to the general layout of the equipment. Located on the temporary road, it is mainly used for vehicles entering and leaving the site and site construction personnel entering and leaving the construction site. The gate is hung with a door beam, and the enterprise logo and enterprise name banner are hung on it

(2) big 1 The company decided to set up a security room inside the transparency door of its cobalt supply chain at the end of 2017. The security system, security guards and contact information are hung outside the security room, and tables and chairs are placed outdoors, shift handover records of duty personnel and registration records of visitors

(3) all personnel entering the construction site must wear a work card, which indicates the name, position, number and other contents

3. Construction site

(1) site hardening:

sand and stone site, using concrete site, sand and stone site partition wall, east-west and North, build a 1 meter high 204 retaining wall, and plaster the inside and outside of the retaining wall

the concrete mixing plant site adopts the concrete site, and the water is discharged to the sedimentation tank

the reinforcement raw material stacking site adopts concrete ground, and a 300mm high brick wall is built to place straight bars

the concrete floor is used for the reinforcement machinery placement site, reinforcement fabrication and processing site and reinforcement semi-finished products stacking site

the carpentry room is hardened with 200mm thick C30 concrete, and water is sloped on all sides. All sites are arranged according to the layout plan

(2) the construction site is equipped with unified drainage facilities, centralized drainage, so that there is no ponding on the site

4. Material management and stacking

(1) the stacking position of on-site materials should be consistent with the general plan and should not be stacked at will

(2) the stacked materials shall have signs indicating the name, specification, batch, origin, quality and other contents of the materials

(3) materials can only enter the site after passing the acceptance, and shall be stacked neatly as required

steel pipe stacking: the bottom is padded up by 30cm, and stacked according to the length specification, facing the outside side and one end flush

formwork stacking: the bottom is padded up by 30cm, and stacked according to the length specification, facing the outside side and one end flush

the reinforcement shall be stacked after the extension meter is clamped on the sample: the bottom shall be padded up by 30cm, and the reinforcement shall be stacked according to the length specification, facing the outer side and one end flush

stacking of timbers: the bottom is padded up by 30cm, and stacked according to the length specification, facing the outside side and one end flush

waste materials stacking: stack them in a centralized manner and by category. The stacking site is safely closed with dense eyes and hung with signboards

(4) mechanical equipment and machines and tools should be inspected and qualified before entering the site. They can only be used after the pressure of the maintenance test piece is specified as 0.98mpa. Regular maintenance and maintenance should be carried out during the use process. If there is any obstacle, it should be repaired in time

(5) the construction site shall be cleared after the completion of work. The construction waste shall be piled up at the designated location in time and cleared and transported regularly

(6) inflammables should be classified and stacked in a special warehouse, with a specially assigned person in charge and hung with a no fire sign

5. On site temporary facilities of 390000 yuan

(1) there should be dormitory for management personnel and workers on the construction site, and the dormitory should be firm, ventilated and daylighting

(2) the construction site shall be divided into construction operation area, work area and living area according to the general construction plan and layout. The living area includes canteen, dormitory and bathroom. The construction operation area and living area have civilized construction requirements respectively

(3) on site workers should have beds, household supplies should be placed neatly, and clothes should not be dried on indoor lighting wires

(4) garbage shall not be dumped around the dormitory, and public security personnel shall patrol and inspect it, and special personnel shall be assigned to clean the indoor sanitation every day

6. The signs on the construction site amount to 38000 yuan

(1). Hang "seven boards and three Diagrams" at the gate (project overview board, construction schedule board, safety production calendar board, project management personnel list and supervision board, operation specification board, safety production board, civilized construction board, engineering effect drawing, construction site layout plan, safety sign layout plan). The location should be eye-catching, the materials of the signs should be solid, the words should be neat, beautiful and eye-catching, the height of the signs should be consistent, and the signs should be neatly arranged

(2) in addition to setting up safety signs and hanging seven signs and three drawings on the construction site, safety placards should also be hung. Safety placards should be made of hard materials and durable. Safety slogans should not only comply with the national security policy, but also pay attention to practicality and play a warning role

(3) the bulletin board, newspaper reading board and blackboard newspaper should be near the learning and meeting room. The "two columns and one newspaper" has beautiful appearance and novel content, and should be replaced regularly

7. Living facilities yuan

(1) temporary toilets at the construction site should be equipped with flush toilets for men and women. Keep clean

(2) the interior walls and ceilings of the canteen should be whitewashed, the ground should be hardened without ponding, and the water pool, chopping board and cabinet should be clean and hygienic to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and friction consumption. Measures to eliminate mosquitoes and flies should be implemented

(3) the living area of the construction site includes dormitories, canteens, bathrooms and toilets, and a unified sanitation system should be formulated and implemented to each person

(4) the canteen should boil water with tea. The construction site should have boiling buckets, drinking utensils should be clean, and the drinking water should meet the sanitary standards

(5) on the construction site where conditions permit, a shower room should be built near the canteen. The floor of the shower room should be hardened, and there should be drainage measures. The washing position of the shower room should be separated by a partition, and there should be a place to place clothes. It is important to pay attention to concealment. Ensure that workers have hot showers

(6) domestic garbage pools should be set up in dormitories, canteens and other places. After the domestic garbage pools are cleaned in time, they should be loaded into the garbage pool and transported away by the environmental sanitation department

(7) the first-aid plan should be respectively scheduled according to the category, cause and location of employee casualties at the construction site, such as falling from height, electric shock, mechanical injury, etc

8. On site fire control 10000 yuan

there should be fire prevention, explosion-proof and leakage prevention tools, fire extinguishers, pickaxes, fire hooks, buckets, shovels, pipe tongs, water pumps, etc. on site

the project department shall carry out on-the-job training and fire education for on-site personnel, and make training plans and educational work records

the construction site shall formulate fire-fighting measures according to the construction operation conditions, establish a fire-fighting team, record the implementation effect, and reasonably equip fire-fighting equipment according to different operation conditions. The hot work on site shall implement the hot work approval system, assign special personnel to monitor, store inflammable and explosive dangerous goods in separate warehouses, assign full-time keepers, and prohibit fireworks. Violators shall be fined yuan, and the storage shall be classified, stacked and marked with names

9. The cost of comprehensive public security management is about yuan

(1). All outsiders should show their personnel certificates, consciously accept inquiries and perform registration

(2) all materials going out must have a certificate signed by the general affairs office or the manager. If the material evidence is inconsistent, the person on duty has the right to detain or not go out

(3) the personnel on duty shall stick to their posts, be dutiful, and shall not leave their duties without permission

(4) implement a 24-hour duty patrol system on site, and timely report problems found to the project management department

(II). The foundation protection is 285000 yuan

the foundation pit is excavated by 1:0.4 slope. After excavation, the slope is shotcrete supported by soil nail support method. Protective railings are set at the side of the pit for 1.0 meters, with a height of 1.2 meters and a spacing of 1.8 meters. Two horizontal crossbars are set, the first 60cm above the ground and the second 1.2 meters above the ground. The railings must be erected firmly, and no materials can be stacked at the side of the railings, Moreover, it is not allowed to change the protective railings into support frames. The railings should be painted with red and white warning colors, hung with "no climbing" signs, and full-time safety officers should patrol around the foundation pit

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