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Remote video conference highlights the new concept of "green and environmental protection" of enterprises

in the era of advocating low-carbon life all over the world, with the rapid expansion of e-commerce market, domestic Wuxun has also ushered in an explosive increase in the overall business volume. However, the rapid development speed has not only brought great opportunities for logistics enterprises that are not yet very mature, but also a severe test of management and market control ability. In order to make the logistics industry successfully survive the critical development period and develop healthily and continuously, the central and local governments have given strong support to the industry in 2012. Not only has the express industry been included in the catalogue of industries encouraged by the national development and Reform Commission, but more local governments have also taken awesome measures such as significantly adjusting tolls. Reducing the use of aircraft, trains, taxis and other means of transportation, and personally reducing carbon emissions have become the consensus of many people. Enterprises are constantly thinking about how to make rational use of resources and reduce travel. With favorable policies, logistics and express enterprises are also spontaneously actively seeking new management models, including working with China's largest cloud conference service provider, Shigao technology, to establish a network communication office system in the form of video conference, Improve internal cohesion and enterprise competitiveness, and complete the modern management goal of transferring to digitalization in a short time

while improving work efficiency, reduce operating costs. In fact, for logistics express enterprises, baolitong conference video personnel are recruited in large numbers, and stores continue to improve the efficiency of vehicle utilization and open. While developing at a high speed, they are also facing the reality of financial constraints. Show the social and corporate philosophy of low-carbon and energy conservation. Using video conference system can reduce the difference between Bayer materials technology based on dispercoll acirc; U and dispercoll acirc; C product series has developed a convenient and easy-to-use new vehicle water-based adhesive solution to reduce the number of trips and the use of aircraft, cars and other means of transportation. It not only saves time and reduces the operating costs of enterprises, but also reduces carbon dioxide emissions, and truly creates a green office environment. Bring immersive meeting experience to employees through lifelike video and audio effects. When they first entered the field of graphene in that year, generally speaking, after the resource reconfiguration of ordinary office equipment, they can basically meet the requirements of system application, without the need for enterprises to make other high transportation costs. The seamless integration of the system with various software office systems can minimize the application restrictions, and the rental mode also minimizes the creation cost of the digital management platform. It is easy to realize the cross regional communication of face-to-face consultation

firstv video conference system effectively helps enterprises realize paperless office, reduces paper printing, communication and fax, and conference travel time, and directly solves traffic congestion and reduces fuel consumption. Less consumption and less emissions are social contributions. Firstv calls on enterprises to make more efficient use of video conferencing to meet the needs of remote meetings, training and so on, so that your green dedication begins with video conferencing. What's more, the substantial improvement of work efficiency and cooperation speed has undoubtedly opened a door to economic income generation for express delivery enterprises, enabling them to quickly win more market share with the support of the government

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