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Longling County maintenance ABB Robot axis computer board service is good

Longling County maintenance ABB Robot axis computer board service is good

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Longling County maintenance ABB robot axis computer board service is good

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and the damage is more serious and difficult to repair than before. After inspection, they used the repaired module. The repaired module is difficult to detect with the instrument, and the parameters are completely correct, but due to its rough internal wiring, the sealed silicone grease of the transistor cannot be sealed after it is opened. Some of these modules can be used for several months, and some will be destroyed as soon as they are turned on. Since the repaired module is opened and reinstalled, it can be seen from careful identification that it is hard to feel by sticking the copper strip with 502 glue. And the glue of the original module is smooth and soft. Because the silicone grease inside the repaired module needs to be removed, the module becomes hollow. At this time, the sound made by tapping its copper strip is different. You can also disassemble the damaged module to see whether the wiring is rough. Some fake modules are labeled separately, from this model to another model, and the ones with small current are labeled as the ones with large current, and even the ones with low voltage withstand are labeled as the ones with high voltage withstand. Now the label printing technology is more and more simulated, but it can be seen as long as it is carefully compared with the original module

will cause "oh2" alarm and cannot be reset. After the inspection, it is necessary to power on again for reset. (11) Low frequency output oscillation fault when the frequency converter is at low frequency output (below 5Hz), the motor output pulse frequently in the forward/reverse direction. Generally, there is a problem with the main board of the frequency converter. (12) Oscillation fault in an acceleration section when the frequency converter appears in low-frequency three-phase imbalance (representing motor oscillation) or oscillates in an acceleration section, we can try to modify the carrier frequency of the frequency converter (reduce), which may solve the problem. (13) There is no output fault in operation. This fault is divided into two cases: the spring is easy to be ignored in use. One is that if the LCD display shows the output frequency and voltage rise after the inverter runs, and the measured output has no voltage, the drive board is damaged; Second, to ensure the stability and reliability of the experimental data is that if the output frequency and voltage displayed on the LCD display remain zero after the operation of the frequency converter, the comprehensive energy consumption per ton of steel, sulfur dioxide and smoke emission of key large and medium-sized enterprises have decreased by 1.2%, 16% and 9.1% year-on-year respectively, which is the main board problem. (14) Failure that the operating frequency does not rise, that is, when the frequency converter is powered on

overheat alarm is sure to occur. At this time, check whether Fus2 (600V, 2a) on the power board is damaged. When "oh3" alarm occurs, the small capacitor on the drive board generally fails due to overheating. The result of failure () is that the three-phase output of the frequency converter is unbalanced. Therefore, when "oh1" or "oh3" appears in the frequency converter, you can first power on and check whether the three-phase output of the frequency converter is balanced. For the oh overheat alarm, there is also the possibility of failure of the main board or the electronic calorimeter. The g/p11 series frequency converter electronic calorimeter is an analog signal, and the g/p9 series frequency converter electronic calorimeter is a switch signal. Oh2 alarm and oh2 alarm for g/p9 series machines, because there is an external alarm definition (e function), when the external alarm definition terminal has no short circuit piece or the short circuit piece is falsely connected in use, it will cause oh2 alarm; At this time, if the cn18 plug-in on the motherboard (the plug of the electrothermal meter for temperature detection) is loose

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