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Teletransmission technology helps Chinatelecom im center "Nuggets" customer service with big data

recently, teletransmission technology and Chinatelecom cooperated again to help the group im center wake up big data sleeping in the channel with advanced technology, so as to realize the nuggets of customer service

Chinatelecom im center sits on a large amount of service data. In addition to traditional structured data, there is also a large amount of unstructured data. These unstructured data contain a lot of treasures, but the traditional data analysis methods can only sigh in front of unstructured data, and there is an urgent need for matching analysis tools. It is reported that

Yuanchuan technology, which has more than ten years of experience in the field of customer service, relies on advanced big data mining technology to conduct in-depth mining of customer service conversation content for Chinatelecom im center. In this project, teletransmission technology will comprehensively analyze 100million customer conversations, evaporate them after processing, and conduct automatic classification, text summarization, cluster analysis and other processing by adding heat. Finally, a conversation classification feature library will be established to realize the focus of conversation hotspots and form different business themes. In the process of analysis, Yuanchuan technology will also timely understand the latest trends of customers through new words, monitor the changes of customers in various businesses through hot spot analysis, understand the hot spots and life cycle of business in the two years since the implementation of "made in China 2025", and point out the direction for the development strategy of the group

in the future, Yuanchuan adheres to the vision of creating a better customer experience and continues to provide customers with quality products and services throughout the process

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