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Renishao released a new instrument for clinical research

renishao released a new instrument for clinical research

our reporter recently supported enterprises to develop and utilize international and domestic talent resources day. Renishao, a world-renowned instrument manufacturer, released a new Raman spectrum ra816 biological analyzer. This is a compact desktop Raman imaging system, which is mainly used for biological and clinical SMM: data display research. This instrument can quickly collect detailed information from a series of biological samples (including tissues and biological liquids)

the instrument can obtain complete biochemical information without knowing specific molecular targets in advance and time-consuming labeling or staining, which can help biologists and clinicians identify and evaluate biochemical changes in different stages of disease. Easy to use hardware and software make it a high-performance Raman spectroscopy tool suitable for clinical research environment

in addition, the instrument can quickly obtain detailed information about the distribution and quantity of biochemical substances in biological samples, including tissue biopsy, tissue section and biological liquid. Users can obtain various information from biological samples, including the distribution of exogenous and endogenous compounds in tissues, and the detection of protein secondary structure changes caused by drug interactions and tissue damage

DuPont Hongji will also intensify its efforts. Martin Isabelle, a scientist with dimension deviation and appearance of renishao advanced response table 1 in life sciences, said that the biological analyzer is specially designed for biological and clinical users. It can simultaneously determine a variety of molecular elements in biological samples. Its high specificity is conducive to the discovery and verification of early onset disease markers, making it an ideal tool for clinical research

(Zhao Lili)

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