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Nanjing remediation of three high and two low paint, Huawei paint has stopped production

Nanjing remediation of three high and two low paint, Huawei paint has stopped production

August 18, 2011

[China paint information] the first batch of "three high and two low" enterprises in Nanjing have stopped production for remediation, involving 10 Pukou enterprises. On August 17, with the "shutdown" of the galvanizing furnace of Tangnong Fasteners Co., Ltd., seven enterprises have stopped production at the same time. According to the person in charge of Pukou District Environmental Protection Bureau, the remaining three will be shut down before the end of November this year, and the pressure roller will act on the test piece

according to the introduction, after the joint law enforcement of Pukou environmental protection and industry and information technology departments, seven enterprises, including Tangnong Fastener Co., Ltd., Nanjing Pushi industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Nanjing Shangda paint Co., Ltd., Nanjing Huawei paint factory, Jiangpu County Jianshe welfare electronic accessories factory, Pukou Yongxin zinc plating factory, and Shihe plastic spraying Factory acid car wash, have stopped production. On the 17th, when law enforcement officers checked the progress of the shutdown and rectification of the enterprise, they saw that Tangnong Fastener Co., Ltd. was "shutting down" the galvanizing furnace, and the workers had begun to clean up the production site. Among the other three, Pukou Yongfeng slaughterhouse received a punishment notice issued by the District Environmental Protection Bureau due to its conflict with the "shutdown regulation". At present, the attitude of the factory has begun to change

it is worth mentioning that the shutdown of "three high and two low" enterprises in Pukou is not "one size fits all". "Pollution occurs in the production process." For some enterprises willing to transform, law enforcement personnel focused on "cutting" their production links, retaining their R & D and sales links, and urged enterprises to turn to "both ends of the smile curve" as soon as possible. Nanjing Huawei paint factory changed its business license to a four ball machine method, and Nanjing Pushi industry and Trade Co., Ltd. changed production to sales after dismantling production equipment. Jiangpu Jianshe welfare electronic accessories factory and Pukou Yongxin zinc plating factory also changed their business licenses based on a large number of experiments after closing the electroplating workshop, removing the galvanized surface treatment in their business scope

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