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(general CD grade advanced lubricating oil should be used), and the quantity and quality of the oil should be checked regularly, Replace the deteriorated or dirty engine oil in time, clean or replace the engine oil filter to ensure the high cleanliness of the engine oil. To ensure the high cleanliness of the intake air of the diesel engine, it is necessary to maintain the tightness of the intake and exhaust pipes of the supercharged diesel engine, regularly clean and maintain the air filter, check whether the locknut or bolt is loose, whether the rubber hose clamp is clamped, check whether there is air leakage in the intake system, and replace the sealing gasket if necessary, so as to prevent dust and sediment from being sucked into the compressor. Otherwise, the dirt will easily lead to the contamination of the air filter wall plug, compressor channel and supercharger blade, resulting in the reduction of boost pressure, and even the early wear of blades and diesel engine parts

all kinds of diesel generator sets and UPS (uninterruptible power supply) are used as emergency standby power supply after municipal power failure or power failure. Most of the time, the diesel generator set and UPS (uninterruptible power supply) are in standby state. In case of power failure, the diesel generator set is required to start power supply immediately, otherwise the standby diesel generator set will lose its significance

practice has proved that strengthening daily inspection and maintenance of diesel generator sets can effectively avoid accidents. Only by establishing perfect detection and maintenance procedures for diesel generator sets and regularly and regularly maintaining, maintaining and detecting diesel generator sets, can we prevent it from happening. According to the investigation of many grass-roots maintenance personnel, there are common maintenance technical problems in power supply maintenance at present. All kinds of diesel

Shuangqiao District rental power generation equipment manufacturers' municipal power and unit automatic switching system function: the system has the function of automatic switching between municipal power and unit power supply, and mainly realizes the automatic switching between municipal power and generator unit power supply

Shuangqiao District rental power generation equipment manufacturer automatically supplies power to the load from the municipal power, with the function of municipal power supply priority; 1. Power of diesel generator set: the power of diesel generator set is different, and the price will vary

at this time, the main heating loads of diesel generator cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston assembly and valve are large, and its mechanical properties such as strength and toughness decline sharply, which increases the deformation of parts

the cylinder block and other parts of Shuangqiao District rental power generation equipment manufacturer are overheated, resulting in cracks, or the piston is excessively expanded and stuck in the cylinder liner. On the other hand, if the diesel generator is shut down without idle speed cooling, the oil content on the friction surface will be insufficient,

the oil viscosity is large, and the fluidity is poor. The troubleshooting method of the lubrication Department: clean the pendulum bearing, gear rod, pointer, and thread wheel position, and the oil volume is insufficient, making the lubrication worse. After making the parts to replace the suspected parts of the dissolved activity rate tester, the situation has not been improved, resulting in increased wear of the friction pair and shortening the service life of the diesel engine. When the oil pressure is too low, the lubrication system cannot carry out normal oil circulation and pressure lubrication, and each lubricating part cannot get enough oil. Therefore, pay attention to the oil pressure gauge or oil pressure indicator during the driving of the machine. If the oil pressure is found to be lower than the specified pressure, stop the machine immediately and continue driving after troubleshooting. If the machine is seriously overspeed and overloaded, the diesel engine will operate under the working condition of excessive load and high speed, which is easy to cause rough work. The production of spring testing machines in China, the thermal load and mechanical load borne by cylinder liners, pistons, connecting rods, etc. increase, and cylinder pulling, Bush burning and other faults are easy to occur. Frequent overload operation causes long-term rough combustion in the cylinder, which is easy to damage the cylinder gasket

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