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Who lives and who dies in the business expansion of repair shops and beauty shops

first of all, car washing in the repair shop and fast repair in the beauty shop. Judging from the current situation, the direction is correct and there is no problem

many repair shops have increased car washing projects to collect customers, and the bosses who have spent their time have basically gained something. Even if the location of our cooperative stores is remote and the hardware conditions are poor, it is basically not difficult to increase 500 customers in half a year. Fast repair in beauty shops has basically achieved phased results. Some beauty washing stores increase the maintenance income of (2) automobile, motorcycle industry, shock absorber and other enterprises by about 40000-50000 per month, which is very easy. This proves that the directional problem we raised is the full-service operation mode, from car washing and beauty care to quick repair and quick maintenance to tire batteries

secondly, there is specialization in the technology industry

due to various objective conditions, there is still a certain gap in professionalism between the car washing project of the maintenance plant and the maintenance project of the beauty shop. For example, the car washing quality of the repair shop is significantly lower than that of the professional beauty shop, and there is basically nothing to do in the development of beauty projects. The car washing business of the maintenance plant basically only serves the purpose of attracting customers. The fast repair business of beauty shops now poses a greater threat to the repair shop. It is understood that a quick repair shop for a lift in Zhengzhou market can basically achieve a maintenance output value of more than 40000 per month

according to the operation data of the comprehensive plant in Henan Province, the output value of 10 quick repair shops is basically the same as that of one large maintenance plant. Therefore, the transformation of the beauty shop has posed a great threat to the repair shop. Four functional film customization production lines imported from France and Japan were intercepted at the terminal, which directly intercepted the quick repair and maintenance of many familiar customers, as well as the quick repair businesses such as tire, battery and brake pads

from the current market stage, let's make a comprehensive analysis. How can we go to the repair shop, beauty shop or community shop next

first, when Chinese people do things, we all pay attention to the harmony of time, place and people

Tianshi: no matter the repair shop or the beauty shop, Tianshi already has: Internet enterprises don't burn money to wash the car for free, and all kinds of free activities are no longer carried out. Car owners gradually realize the value of physical stores

geographical advantage: various physical stores, community stores and beauty shops have more geographical advantages and more convenient distance

Renhe: stores with a certain operating time have a considerable customer base, and there is trust between the boss and customers, which is also the key to the success of the transformation of many beauty washing stores

therefore, with the right time, place and people, the transformation has entered the second stage, and we need to start upgrading. In other words, after a year of transformation, lay a certain foundation, and upgrade will be carried out in the second stage. Otherwise, it is easy to fall behind on the long march if we only transform without upgrading

second, how to upgrade? Improve professionalism and characteristics

wash the car thoroughly and repair the car for the customer. That is, we should reflect professionalism and differentiation. Our full-service operation, how to achieve the professionalism and differentiation of each sector are reflected. Instead of having a full business, all aspects of professionalism have been lost. So we should work hard on every detail instead of perfunctory

considering the current situation of stores, there are still many problems in the transformation. First of all, there are problems in the beauty washing section of the maintenance plant:

1. The car washing personnel are unstable, and the turnover rate is too high

2. The car washing quality is unstable, and it is normal to wash unclean

3. Many stores wash the car for free, or buy insurance gifts, and maintenance gifts

4. The maintenance personnel despise the car washing personnel, and there are many contradictions between them

5. The car washing has reached the goal of customer collection, But the conversion rate is too low

6. The beauty project is about 0

let's look at the problems in the Express repair business of beauty shops:

1. The maintenance is not professional and the technical level is limited, resulting in low-level errors

2. The product supply chain is imperfect, the cost of accessories is high, and the price is also high

3. Many stores pay too much attention to maintenance and begin to ignore the car washing business, resulting in a reduction in the customer base and a decline in car washing satisfaction

4 The quality of car washing began to decline, and customers waited too long

in this aspect of transformation and upgrading, our stores began to try since the second half of last year, and have also made a long exploration. To sum up and share with you, destined comrades see that if they feel useful, they can also take a little detour less

first of all: wash the car

now customers' requirements for car washing are clean, followed by time efficiency. How can we achieve fast and clean. As with maintenance, we should also consider comprehensively the products, tools, technology and professional communication in car washing. Car washing is not about getting a car washing machine, getting some car washing fluid and tyre wax, and buying a few towels can solve the problem

various products and tools such as car washing machine, water gun, pressure, car washing fluid, water wax, tire wax, towel, etc. all determine whether the car can be cleaned. The process of washing and cleaning the car, the difficulty of employees' work, the process of tire cleaning, and every detail of all aspects affect the quality and efficiency of the whole car wash

the car washing machines in gas stations have had a great impact on the market in the past two years, and car washing coupons are given when refueling. If we compete with them, we will face great difficulties. So how to position our car washing business is crucial. Positioning determines what strategy you adopt and how much you invest later

at present, we use a brand of Italian car wash fluid, which is free of wiping, reduces labor intensity and improves the efficiency of washing the car. In addition, we use wax to improve the cleanliness and reduce the difficulty of wiping. Now the efficiency is significantly improved

any project is a combination of boxing, not just buying a car wash. Every detail is easy to wear and tear, which determines the final success or failure

second: car washing must be charged, no matter high or low

free car washing is the business of gas stations. We can't compete with them, and we can't compete with them, and you don't have the support of high profit margin like refueling. If you wash the car without charge, you can't contribute profits to the store, the boss will not pay attention to it, and the employees will think it's good to wash it for free, and how clean it is. At the same time, free car washing will only bring some garbage customers, which are not our target customer group and have no value

the author recently met several owners of maintenance plants, who began to charge. Because customers brought by free large traffic do not make any consumption. Moreover, the cost of car washing is also very high, including labor cost, rent cost, consumables cost, etc. the cost price of a car in Zhengzhou is no less than 20 yuan

third: after we had a large customer base, we began to screen customers by raising the price of car washing

originally, garbage customers can be screened out by charging for free, while customers with low charges can screen some customers who do maintenance in the store by raising prices. Customers who only wash the car enjoy the high price of washing the car. For customers who have other consumption, we can stimulate other business consumption by giving gifts in maintenance or repair

through such a combination of punches, the output value of customers' single cars can be increased

fourth, develop beauty projects

at present, everyone feels that beauty projects can't be pushed. In fact, it's not that beauty projects can't be pushed, but that our requirements are too high. The current market environment, to study tens of thousands of beauty projects, is now similar to whale fishing. We need too much investment in ships and fishing to catch whales

our small shop, we'd better learn to catch lobster first. After the car is washed and the customer is satisfied, on the basis of the customer's presence, we will improve the promotion of some small projects through the inspection of paint, tires, interior trim and engine compartment

for example, we are currently working on projects such as engine cleaning and coating, wheel hub cleaning and polishing, paint decontamination coating, etc. The construction of these projects is simple. Each project is as fast as 10 minutes and as slow as 20 minutes. Customers can introduce it at a reasonable price within a completely acceptable time. So as to improve popularity. It's difficult to get a whale every day, especially in an environment where there are fewer and fewer whales

fifth, do a good job of vehicle safety inspection

needless to say, but I find that many stores are not doing well, and many bosses' arbitrary arrangements will greatly reduce the success rate of vehicle inspection

for example, do not check when you are busy, and check when you are not busy; Little apprentice to check, master can't check; After checking, they didn't make records or didn't communicate with the customer. Also, if the boss doesn't stare, no one will check it

I read an article about how to do examination a few days ago

personal view: every car should be checked. To standardize the inspection, you can't choose customers or projects. With the continuous improvement of power battery requirements for energy density and performance, written records should be kept, customer signatures should be provided, professional knowledge communication should be provided, and high-quality products should be provided

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