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Reolink second generation full HD + true wireless

the body is equipped with sensors to automatically detect human body dynamics, so as to trigger video recording to microSD card, APP instant push notification, email notification and Argus 2's own audible alarm system. Argus 2 uses rechargeable lithium batteries in the second generation, which can be used with solar panels to further reduce the cost of users

argus 2 adopts rechargeable lithium battery, with a capacity of 5200mAh, providing up to months of standby time. Through the micro USB charging port, the battery can be fully charged in 4 hours at 5v/2a without purchasing a special charger. Argus 2 also supports solar panels, and is equipped with a 4-meter micro USB cable, which is convenient for users to set up in a sunny place. Just connect Argus 2 rechargeable battery to provide power. The USB cable is equipped with waterproof soft glue, which provides waterproof insulation function while charging

reolink Argus 2 has IP65 waterproof specification, reaching all-weather waterproof, no matter whether the user is placed indoors or outdoors. Reolink Argus 2 adopts full HD lens and provides 1920 × 1080 resolution picture. Whether installed at home, office, store or warehouse, it can clearly show the on-site situation. With a 130 degree wide-angle lens, only one can monitor a considerable area. With the design of "magmatic base magnetic base", it can be adsorbed on different metals. In addition, a hemispherical bracket is attached, which is convenient for Argus 2 to be adsorbed on the bracket and set flexibly at multiple angles

argus 2 has a unique two-dimensional code at the bottom. Users can simply install reolink app by executing reolink app on/tablet. In addition, reolink app also has functions such as two-way call, alarm setting, simple video recording and photo review. It also provides a series of humanized functions such as 16 split screen, video recording or photographing, screen reversal and mirroring, resolution setting, mail setting, etc. users can monitor anytime and anywhere

argus 2 comes with PIR motion sensor, which can detect human body dynamics more accurately than ordinary IPCAM, and trigger video recording to microSD card in real time, APP instant push notification, email notification after long-term development, and the built-in audible alarm system of system hierarchical management. The microSD card slot on the body supports up to 64GB microSD cards

argus 2 built-in sta casting football perfect flight arc rlight due to the rapid development of coal chemical industry, night vision CMOS sensor is equipped with 8 professional infrared LED Night Vision lights and IR cut removable. At night, in low light, or even all black (0Lux), the effect is clearer than that of the previous generation Argus. It can achieve 24-hour day and night monitoring and will not miss any movement. Argus 2 provides triple streaming channels for users to choose, allowing up to 8 users to watch synchronously at the same time. Users can set different compression formats and resolution to synchronize streaming output. At the same time, intelligent mobile devices can also simultaneously × 1080 resolution is used for real-time streaming monitoring, providing users with high-quality and stable images in different sites and equipment

argus 2 has a built-in microphone and horn to realize two-way communication between the monitoring end and the site, making the alarm protection function more comprehensive. In addition, a series of accessories are included to facilitate users to install reolink network photography system in an all-round way

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