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Renesas displays new products of automotive semiconductors, focusing on local development in China

recently, Renesas Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the 2007 China automotive electronics industry development technology forum with the theme of "industrial integration and leapfrog development" held in Guangzhou. The forum is an important event at the 5th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Expo held from November 20 to November 26

this forum is co sponsored by China Society of automotive engineering and China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute

at the forum, Mr. Yang Zhengrong, deputy general manager of Renesas Technology (China) automotive electronics market center, delivered a wonderful speech with the theme of "new trends in Renesas automotive electronics and the latest semiconductor components", explaining in detail the new development direction of Renesas in the automotive electronics field and the latest semiconductor accessories developed by Renesas, At the same time, it introduced to the audience the basic development strategy of Renesas China's automotive industry and the its system construction plan of Renesas in close cooperation with Chinese government departments. At the same time, Renesas also showed a comprehensive automotive electronics solution that can greatly improve the capabilities of the whole CIS (carinformationsystem) equipment, from high-end automotive navigation to low-end automotive stereo systems

this forum was held against the background that China's automobile production hit a new high of 7.28 million in 2006 and the scale of the automotive electronics market will exceed 100 billion yuan in 2007. According to data, the cost of automotive electronic equipment accounted for only 1% of the total cost of automobiles in 1980, while the figure was 22% in 2005, and it is expected to reach 40% by 2015. As the main component of automotive electronic equipment is semiconductor products, the demand for automotive semiconductor products in China is bound to usher in an unprecedented period of strong growth. Because of this unprecedented opportunity, as a world-renowned professional semiconductor manufacturer, Renesas has taken automotive electronics as an important pillar of development since it entered China in 2003, and has become one of the main forces in the domestic automotive electronics field through four years of development

the success of Renesas in the global automotive market is based on its success. Renesas has more than 20 years of experience in the production of automotive semiconductor products, and has obtained a market share of 7% in the automotive electronics field, ranking fourth in the world. Especially in the SOC field for automotive navigation/its terminals, Renesas has the most advanced technology and has a technology and product lineup that satisfy customers. The global market share is as high as 60% and the Japanese market share is as high as 80%. This means that from high-end to low-end systems, pay attention to pulling out the locating pin and then adjusting zero; When taking off the extension, Renesas can provide users with all-round support

at the same time, environmental protection and energy saving technology has been paid attention to in the blow molding machine machinery industry.

secondly, Renesas always actively brings the latest technologies and achievements to the Chinese market. At this Automotive Electronics Forum, Renesas showed a number of his leading technological achievements. Among them, SH Navi, a SoC chip that can carry out high-precision image recognition while car navigation, is the focus of many exhibits of Renesas. Because the emergence of SH Navi has comprehensively surpassed the original navigation functions, Renesas has become the first semiconductor supplier in the world to build image recognition and processing IP into the SOC of car navigation. At the forum, Renesas made a detailed display of the most advanced image recognition processing and 3D drawing functions used by SH Navi's first generation sh-navi1 (sh7770), which fully reflects Renesas' high leadership in the field of automotive electronics technology. In terms of PND (personalnavigationdevice) for simple car navigation, Renesas also showed sh mobile, a new product realized by improving sh mobile, which has achieved good results in the field of application processor

third, while introducing the latest technology, Renesas has continued to steadily carry out local development for the Chinese market, not only relying on the Chinese company's own technical departments, but also through a variety of cooperation with automotive professional associations, research institutions, universities, etc., to continuously develop products that are more suitable for the specific needs of the automotive industry with a high degree of localization of many testing instruments in China. For example, Renesas is working with CATARC, a research institution of the Chinese government, to develop automotive electronic systems and cooperate in the development of body and dashboard; At the same time, it continues to cooperate with many universities and research institutions in the application fields of 32-bit MCU, such as engine control, EPS, cis/vehicle navigation; Cooperate with auto parts manufacturers through DIT agreement on parts of dashboard, etc. It's easy for you to learn to use the wear resistance tester. At this forum, Renesas also showed the latest achievements in this field. A dashboardplatform developed by its China application technology company (developed by Renesas Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.) attracted the attention of the participants

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