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Refineries use non intrusive leak detection system of quality measurement

at present, the safety problems of environment and personnel have triggered the demand for effective leak detection and determination of leak location of internal pipelines in refineries. With the aging of pipelines and the increasing construction quantities of existing pipelines nearby, the potential of pipeline leakage also increases. The purpose of pipeline leak detection and positioning is to protect pipeline assets

for the simulation method based on the principle of volume flow and pressure gradient, mass measurement is indeed a more accurate alternative. The application of ultrasonic technology in pipeline leak detection of quality measurement can provide operational information for monitoring crude oil transportation, batch tracking of finished oil and intelligent pig detection

pipeline leakage occurs in environmentally sensitive areas, which not only destroys the environment but also is harmful to the public. The company's change experiment machine equipped with piezoelectric load sensor has the following advantages: it not only suffers from the loss of valuable oil products, but also facilitates the conduct of batch experiments; The pain of loss, but also to pay the renovation costs caused by the leakage accident, but also to be fined, and also caused irreparable losses to the company's reputation. Therefore, in case of leakage and oil spill accidents, the losses are quite serious up to point E

oil terminal stations, oil pipelines and refineries all have great losses that can lead to extreme tension of raw materials and forced shutdown. Therefore, modern pipeline leak detection technology should have the ability to keep the equipment in effective operation and prevent the possible consequences of unidentified leakage parts. The design of leak detection system should consider the sensitivity of the system, the ratio of leak alarm threshold to false alarm, and the purchase and maintenance costs of the system

the quality measurement leak detection system using ultrasonic technology is specially designed for the leakage detection and positioning of pipelines. The most important part is the data receiving and processing, accuracy and sensitivity, and the reinspector is necessary. Important characteristics of non intrusive ultrasonic flowmeter include:

(1) sensitivity

is extremely sensitive at or close to zero flow, which makes it possible to determine extremely small leakage and detect valves along the pipeline. In the case that oil theft has become a problem, ultrasonic technology is a preferred instrument. Especially in the zero flow area, it has been proved to be very effective for leak detection under laminar flow

(2) two way detection ability

the non intrusive ultrasonic flowmeter is a two-way operation type, which provides the ability to accurately measure the flow in any direction and retest the measurement results. This feature eliminates the need for additional instruments, valves, and expensive manifold configurations

(3) the ability to distinguish the differences between different liquids

because the non intrusive ultrasonic flowmeter can measure the sound velocity of the liquid in the pipe, once the liquid in the pipe changes, this kind of flowmeter can detect its change, and when there are several flowmeters at the same time, it can quickly identify the flowing liquid within a given time, which eliminates the need for additional equipment such as densimeter. In this way, the ultrasonic flowmeter has the dual functions of flowmeter and densimeter at the same time

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