Nokia launches new optical packet switch

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Nokia launches a new optical packet switch

Nokia 1830 time sensitive packet switch (TPS) will help mobile network operators efficiently realize 5g cloud ran evolution, which can save 50% of the cost compared with similar forward transmission solutions

the new optical packet switch supports delay sensitive network (TSN), which is very important to realize the interconnection of ultra-low delay and native cloud wireless architecture (supporting 5g ultra-low delay services)

the newly launched switch further enhances Nokia's comprehensive anyhaul portfolio (the industry's most extensive transmission solution), and operators will be able to build 5g end-to-end architecture through the best transmission technology

Nokia announced the launch of 1830 delay sensitive packet switch (TPS). 1830 TPS can realize packet based mobile forward transmission, which greatly reduces the deployment cost and complexity of cloud ran; At the same time, it transparently supports the existing and new wireless interface protocols, and realizes the unified transmission of 4G and 5g mobile networks

1830 TPS is released at the right time. 5g is regarded as the support of ultra-low delay applications, and the release of this scheme means that the network has complete support capabilities. By distributing applications to MEC nodes at the edge of the network (closer to mobile users), the signal transmission distance becomes shorter, and the delay is significantly reduced. Cloud ran architecture realizes such new delay sensitive applications by distributing some ran functions to the same MEC node at the edge of the network. Mobile transmission must have scalability, ultra-low delay and certainty to meet the strict requirements of cloud ran architecture on infrastructure and the high expectations of users for 5g high efficiency service experience

1830 TPS follows strict traffic priority and frame priority, and determines the path through switched Ethernet creation. This kind of certainty is very important to ensure the reliable transmission of low delay key services, which previously could not be achieved in packet switched networks

the high-precision clock synchronization function enables the precise synchronization of 5g wireless networks. In addition, relying on Nokia's strong technical accumulation in CPRI stream mapping processing in the ran field, the bandwidth efficiency of 1830 TPS is nearly 40% higher than that of similar products

at present, 5g networks tend to coexist with existing 4G networks when deployed, which requires the introduction of a mobile transmission solution that can support multi generation transmission rates and protocols. By encapsulating roe interface (wireless front-end transmission interface based on Ethernet bearer), 1830 TPS can transmit traditional CPRI data flow and native Ethernet traffic (including ecpri and traditional backhaul traffic) to a unified delay sensitive network

Marcus Weldon, chief technology officer of Nokia and President of Nokia Bell Laboratories, said: as our customers continue to launch the end-to-end 5g architecture, they need to introduce transmission solutions that can support the existing forward and return traffic, as well as cloud ran architecture with better performance. 1830 TPS enables our loose customers to optimize the end-to-end transmission of existing 4G and new 5g wireless access networks through a single platform

Sam Bucci, senior vice president of Nokia optical network division, said: the 1830 TPS we launched can fundamentally improve the economic benefits of 5g smaller private enterprise centralized ran and cloud ran. With the delay sensitive network, mobile operators, which is an important document for the implementation of "made in China 2025", will be able to open up new real-time services, obtain higher revenue, and upgrade to the native Cloud Architecture, achieve better performance and flexibility compared with similar prequel solutions, and save up to 50% of the cost

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