Top ten keywords of China's paper industry in 2017

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The top ten keywords of China's paper industry in 2017

first, the price of paper is unpredictable

the price of waste paper soared all the way in 2017, raising prices three or four times in August alone, and then prices rose and fell until the end of the year. For this year's market situation, people in various circles shouted "can't understand". Under the influence of environmental protection pressure, waste paper import restrictions and other factors, the price of waste paper has risen and fallen continuously, and the dealers in various regions have also fallen into a dilemma...

waste paper "price reduction tide": the highest decline of 79 paper mills exceeded 250/ton

the price of waste paper has risen all the way, and the increase has exceeded 100/ton again

only 4 days later, when the modified wood flour filler has enhanced properties, the waste paper price plummeted 910/ton, and 42 paper mills madly reduced the price

86 paper mills across the country have significantly increased the waste paper price, with a maximum increase of 240/ton

the maximum price of waste paper has risen by 150/ton, breaking the 2600 mark per ton

second, survival between cracks

the paper factory guaranteed the price and limited the production. The secondary Paperboard Factory followed the trend, and the end users did not accept the price increase. It was difficult for the tertiary carton factory sandwiched in the middle. The upstream does not reduce prices, the downstream does not accept price increases, and the paper price changes from one day to three times a day. Those who can survive are "Heroes"

the Dongguan Huishen carton industry conference was held, and the upstream and downstream contradictions in South China were upgraded again

upstream and downstream intensified! Carton factories boycotted cardboard factories. Cardboard factories took measures to deal with carton factories

cardboard factories and carton factories boycotted the price rise together

"Pearl River Delta cardboard factory Association" was brewing to establish

III. production suspension and restriction

the production suspension and restriction of paper enterprises in 2017 were mostly related to environmental protection policies. Industry analysts said that the various departments' pollution control of paper enterprises is undoubtedly taking the opportunity to screen environmentally friendly and efficient enterprises and eliminate backward production capacity. Having experienced a wave of elimination of backward production capacity, the surge in prices in the second half of 2016 and the storm of environmental protection supervision, although a lot of paper production capacity has been eliminated, there are still problems such as the survival of small and medium-sized paper mills in debt, overcapacity and serious product homogenization. There is no doubt that in the face of increasingly severe environmental pressure, new changes will occur in the pattern of the domestic paper industry. It is believed that the industry is expected to usher in a real reshuffle

a total of 29 paper machines in nine dragons, Liwen and other paper mills will be shut down in succession

Nine Dragons Paper Machine 1 will be shut down for 50 days from June, and the rise in paper prices will be exacerbated

paper enterprises will take turns to stop production and limit downtime matrix expansion

106 paper mills in Fuyang, Zhejiang Province will be shut down for 10 days for maintenance

102 paper mills in Fuyang will stop production for 20 days in two months, and the market may usher in easing

On October 23, 2017, the general office of the Ministry of environmental protection issued the regulations on the administration of environmental protection of imported waste paper (Exposure Draft), and paper enterprises with an annual capacity of less than 300000 tons are prohibited from applying for imported waste paper. The regulations on the administration of environmental protection of imported waste paper, which was officially issued in December, set the threshold at 50000 tons. 60% of China's papermaking raw materials come from waste paper, and more than half of them are imported. Although the ban on import will shut out "foreign garbage", it is not a good policy for paper mill production. In the long run, it is necessary to gradually reduce the production proportion of imported waste paper, speed up the construction of domestic waste paper recycling system, and carry out a new model of circular economy in China's paper industry

what impact will it have on the industry if paper enterprises with an annual production capacity of less than 300000 tons are banned from applying for importing waste paper

[comment] the new version of the imported waste management catalogue was issued

[comment] the Ministry of environmental protection specially cracked down on environmental violations of imported waste processing enterprises

about waste paper quotas, it's enough to read this article

imported waste paper is tightening, and the quota of imported waste paper in 2017 has fallen so much year-on-year

v. pollution discharge permit

a reform of ecological environment protection and management system that has been brewing for more than 30 years has taken root in China, which is easy to cause small piston damage and oil leakage

in December 2016, the Ministry of environmental protection issued the notice on carrying out the management of elevated source emission permits in thermal power, paper industry and pilot cities in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, pointing out that all paper products enterprises included in the scope of environmental statistics in 2015, regardless of whether there is industrial wastewater discharged, need to apply for emission permits, and should complete the application and issuance of emission permits in the first half of 2017. In the second half of 2017, the Ministry of environmental protection launched an inspection on the enforcement of emission permits in the thermal power and paper industry to severely crack down on enterprises' unlicensed emission behavior. The Ministry of Environmental Protection said that those who are ordered to stop discharging pollutants and refuse to implement them will be transferred to the public security organ for disposal according to relevant regulations

the Ministry of environmental protection issued a notice on the management of paper-making emission permits, requiring that the application and issuance of emission permits for the paper industry be completed by the end of June.

analysis of emission permits for the paper industry: more than half of the paper mills in a large province in Central China failed to obtain a license.

thermal power paper implements the reform of emission permits.

the Ministry of environmental protection issued the catalogue of classified management of emission permits for fixed pollution sources (2017 Edition)

how much do you know about emission permits

VI. Fuyang paper

2017, One after another about Fuyang. In April, Fuyang paper enterprises were found to have illegally dumped garbage across regions; In July, the monopolistic price manipulation behavior of Fuyang paper Association and 17 enterprises was found to be established and punished; In August, September, October and November, Fuyang paper enterprises have been taking turns for four consecutive months. Recently, Zhejiang Chunjiang Street took the lead in holding a mobilization meeting for the demolition of enterprises. It can be seen that the shutdown of Fuyang paper enterprises is inevitable

in Fuyang a year ago, a paper-making "material, the relative error of crack length caused by repeated measurement" enterprise emerged. Now it is a sad end...

102 paper mills in Fuyang will be shut down for 20 days in two months, and the market may usher in easing

Yongzheng holdings, the largest paper group in Fuyang, Zhejiang Province, has entered the bankruptcy liquidation procedure.

will Fuyang paper enterprises be completely emptied by 2019

Zhejiang Fuyang paper enterprise is suspected of dumping garbage across regions

the list of 17 punished enterprises in Fuyang is publicized, and the participation is far from simple

VII. The performance is booming

in 2017, the paper enterprises made a lot of money. In the calculation of profits in the second and third quarters, the performance of many listed companies in the paper industry rose sharply. The reason is that under the influence of many factors, such as the arrival of the peak demand season, the rise in raw material prices, and the maintenance of high pressure in environmental protection supervision, the price of paper products rose rapidly, ensuring the profit space of each company

the third quarter net profit of the seventh company in the paper industry increased by nearly 200% on average.

the third quarter net profit of Yueyang forest paper increased by about 10 times year-on-year in advance.

the net profit of paper enterprises in Shandong Province increased by up to 5 times.

the net profit of paper enterprises in the first half of the year collectively increased in advance.

Chenming paper expects the net profit in the first quarter of 2017 to increase by 70% to 80% year-on-year.

VIII. Express cartons

since 2017, the price of base paper has increased significantly, and the prices of cardboard and cartons have also risen, Affected by this, downstream end users once encountered the dilemma of insufficient supply of cartons and high prices. At the same time, the rapid development of e-commerce has also caused problems such as excessive packaging of express delivery and difficult recycling of cartons. Therefore, since April, many e-commerce companies have tried water green packaging. It can be seen that the price rise of base paper this year has begun to affect end users, and the "Butterfly Effect" appears. For packaging paper production enterprises, the future trend is to introduce new materials, improve new technology, combine tradition with innovation, integrate the industrial chain, and develop into a complete set of intelligent packaging production lines

select only a few points for the whole pair of shoes

many colleges and universities in Beijing Pilot express carton recycling and directly enter the paper mill

e-commerce and express enterprises pilot express packaging recycling business

soon, the "fat meat" of e-commerce will no longer have a share in the carton industry

IX. xiong'an New Area

xiong'an is another milestone after Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shanghai Pudong New Area. With the establishment of the new area, only high-tech enterprises and enterprises with strong innovation ability have the opportunity to survive in xiong'an new area, and the rest of the heavily polluting enterprises should move out

as one of the packaging raw materials, paper has gradually occupied a leading position in the four packaging materials (paper packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging and metal packaging) due to its low cost, light weight, easy processing, recyclable and degradable characteristics. In the future, base paper production will further penetrate xiong'an new area, but similarly, while enjoying convenient transportation and abundant resources, industrial enterprises should do a good job in cleaner production. Survival of the fittest is the choice of the times

Yueyang forest paper: high performance growth, relying on the layout of central enterprises, the future development of xiong'an is expected

xiong'an New Area: do you smell business opportunities

"central government district" is about to appear! How far is the North China area of household paper?

10. Investment overseas

in recent years, China's papermaking and downstream packaging and printing industry is facing a passive situation of overcapacity and vicious competition. Under the dilemma, enterprises in various industries began to invest and build factories overseas. In February 2017, Yutong Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. announced the establishment of an Indian subsidiary in Bangalore, India; Sun paper's 300000 ton hardwood pulp project in Laos is progressing smoothly; Zhang Yin, chairman of Nine Dragons Paper, said that she began to pay attention to the U.S. paper industry and was ready to invest in the United States. It is believed that industry enterprises going abroad will usher in new development opportunities, but the international market is unpredictable, so investment needs to be cautious, and we should be fully prepared

Yutong went to India to build a new factory or lift the overseas investment boom in the packaging and printing industry

Nine Dragons Vietnam project manager insisted on working on the front line for two years

app will cost 4billion euros to buy the Brazilian pulp mill

Levin Vietnam paper base delayed for eight years, but he is still obsessed with it

Vietnam's packaging industry has great development potential

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