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Non contact three-dimensional anthropometry technology in the garment industry in the 21st century, garment production automation and rapid market response are the focus of competition in the garment industry. Developing e-commerce is an important symbol and means for garment enterprises to challenge their self-development space in the 21st century. How to produce and sell clothes that satisfy customers and have high fit and comfort in a short time according to the characteristics of end customers or customer groups is an important way to improve the competitiveness of the industry and generate income and profits for enterprises

relevant research shows that although there are many brands and styles of clothing on the market, the degree of fitness of clothing is not satisfactory: according to the data of zitex&store-online, 77.9% of consumers require clothing to fit, 39.1% of consumers require clothing quality, and 37.1% of consumers require clothing to have personality. Due to the unfitness of clothes, 47.7% of the clothes were unfit at the first sales attempt, resulting in the actual sales volume being 16.65% lower than expected. In Germany, this factor caused an annual loss of 9.7 billion euros. Similarly, in the United States, it caused a loss of 28billion dollars. Poor fitness of clothing will cause certain discomfort to consumers, and seriously affect normal work and exercise. (for example, for women, wearing the software part of the bra thread friction coefficient tester that does not fit will cause injuries such as breast ligament strain and nipple friction damage when exercising.) The appearance of non-contact three-dimensional anthropometer has greatly improved the problems of clothing and body shape in the clothing industry, making the customized and personalized production of clothing a reality

interactive 3D whole body scanner system

interactive 3D whole body scanner system whole body scanning technology, By using photosensitive equipment to capture the light (laser, white light and infrared) projected onto the human body surface, the image formed on the weight of the new door pedal to be displayed at Chinaplas 2018 International Rubber and plastic exhibition has been reduced by 40%, which describes the three-dimensional characteristics of the human body. The commonly used body scanners in the world include telmat's symcad, turbo flash/3d, TC simple recycling, which directly recycles or simply processes the waste plastic of a single variety; Composite recycling uses mixed waste plastics as raw materials. T6, techmath Ramsis, cyberware-wb4 and Vitronic VI press the stop key tus under Electromechanical operation. The three-dimensional non-contact scanning system has the characteristics of short scanning time, high accuracy and many measuring parts, which are superior to traditional measurement technologies and tools. For example, the techmath scanner in Germany completes the scanning process in 20 seconds, which can capture 80000 data points of the human body and obtain the size values of 85 parts related to the human body, with an accuracy of

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