Nokia launched cloud based volt with ELISA

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Nokia joined hands with ELISA to launch cloud based volte and voiwi

volte and voiwi fi commercial services, aiming to improve the quality of voice services in Finland, including remote areas and buildings.

the core of Nokia's cloud based IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) can provide efficient digital voice services.

Nokia recently announced the deployment of its voice over LTE (voice over LTE) and voice over Wi Fi (voice over Wi Fi) technologies in Finland, Help operator ELISA significantly improve the quality of mobile voice services in homes, offices and remote areas throughout Finland

after the launch of volte service nationwide, ELISA users will be able to stretch the plastic rope, experience faster call connection speed and enjoy 4G high-speed data network services. At the same time, the launch of vowi fi service will enable ELISA users to make voice calls through any Wi Fi access point in areas that may be limited by mobile network coverage such as buildings. These technologies also support video calls over 4G and Wi Fi connections

Nokia can realize the above services through its cloud based IMS core, which also includes Nokia's telecommunications application server (TAS). As TAS is a cloud based technology, it can provide higher flexibility and scalability. After deploying Nokia's TAs, which looks shiny and strong, ELISA will be able to deliver all the call functions required by customers through the LTE network

about the solution

Nokia's core voice technologies include its IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) and telecom application server (TAS) based on Telecom cloud, as well as the open border gateway and traffica system for volte

Nokia's professional services include planning, implementation and deployment, testing Acceptance and support services

Sami komulainen, vice president of ELISA mobile network service department, said: the newly launched Wi Fi and 4G call functions have greatly expanded our existing mobile communication services. Poor reception of mobile signals in low-energy houses and old buildings with thick walls is a common problem. By using the latest technology, we can provide customers with better call quality and seamless coverage even in the most challenging places

Tommi uitto, head of global product sales department of Nokia mobile network, said: Nokia is the leader of cloud and the new generation of volte and VoWiFi technologies. Through advanced technology and professional services, we can help e figure deliver high-quality voice calls to its customers for Lisa, a bio based fiber plastic composite. Compared with other Ott voice application services, our solution has shorter deployment time and longer battery life

about Nokia

Nokia is a global leader in creating core technologies for the connected world. With the research and innovation of Nokia Bell Laboratories, the maintenance sub of Nokia 2 and hydraulic universal testing machine uses the industry's most comprehensive end-to-end products, services and licensing platform to serve communication service providers, government departments, large enterprises and consumers

from the construction of 5g and IOT infrastructure to emerging applications such as virtual reality and digital medicine, we are committed to shaping future technologies to improve human experience. Address:

about ELISA

ELISA is a company that provides telecommunications, information and communication technology and network services, serving 2.3 million consumers, enterprises, public administration agencies and other customers. ELISA provides environmentally sustainable services for the communications and entertainment industry, as well as related tools for improving business operations and productivity. ELISA is a leader in the Finnish mobile market, providing international services through cooperation with Vodafone and Telenor. ELISA is a listed company of NASDAQ Helsinki large cap, with about 200000 shareholders. The company has 4100 employees, with a revenue of 1.57 billion euros in 2015. Address:

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