No1, the world's top ten paint brands, AkzoNobel

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World top ten paint brands No.1 AkzoNobel

world top ten paint brands No.1 AkzoNobel

January 21, 2010

[China paint information] Netherlands, Anamstandan P.O. Box 9300

: + 31263664433

Fax: + 31263663250

key figures:

proportion of group sales: 41%

paint sales: US $15.183 billion (including Novelli)

employees 58500

growth rate of sales:

decoration + 3.7%, industry + 6.9%, repair + 5.3%, marine and protection + 5.2% <./P>

key development:

* the cost of raw materials increased sharply in the second half of the year, The increase in raw material costs has been offset by the increase in sales and productivity

* the independent growth rate is 5%, mainly in the Asia Pacific region and the United States, and the sales volume in emerging markets accounts for 32%

*ros remained stable at 8%, and the return on investment increased to 20.5%

* marine protective coatings and powder coatings drive economic growth

* decorative coatings improve performance from cost saving

* automotive decorative coatings - restructured globally

key figures:

hans wijers, CEO of AkzoNobel, is also a management member of AkzoNobel. Rudy van der Meer, member of paint management

main market areas:

Top 3 in Europe - decorative coatings, touch up paint, powder coatings

other - Aerospace, coil, ocean, protection, transportation, wood, yacht

world best selling coatings: powder coatings, wood coatings, coil coatings, marine coatings, protective coatings, aerospace coatings

best selling coatings in the European market: decorative coatings


AkzoNobel is not only the largest coating company in the world, but also the only company with the most extensive portfolio. It has an important market position for OEM in the packaging and automotive industry. There are signs that it may reconsider its OEM position in the industry. China headquarters: AkzoNobel paint (China) Co., Ltd.: +

our growth focus is on emerging markets in Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, and South and Central America. On the basis of a mature economy, we will continue to expand the market through mergers and acquisitions. Our goal is to keep market leaders involved in the coating industry. We believe that it is inevitable to strengthen the integration of suppliers and customers worldwide

after major restructuring, the performance has been improved, and we will continue to work hard. Our medium-term financial target is 25% return on investment, which is expected to be about 30%. The main goal is to promote and strengthen the ability of distribution in Asia through linked acquisitions in mature markets

the following is AkzoNobel's summary of nodular cast iron and some high-strength strategies to provide advanced performance iron with the gradual increase of the demand for environmental experimental equipment in industries such as electric power, communications, coal mining, aviation, quality inspection, scientific research, colleges and Universities:

growth mode:

* link acquisition in mature markets

* attach importance to Asia, especially China

* diversification (for example, accident management services)


* by reducing costs

* follow the law of the value chain of distribution channels

the focus is on the divestment of non coating industries through:

* such as printing ink, adhesives, and the establishment of Shanghai Jiaotong University Anhui ceramic aluminum New Materials Research Institute in Huaibei City

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