Analysis and detection of volatile components of t

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Analysis and detection of volatile components of cigarette packaging materials V

the experiment found that there were a variety of vinegar compounds in the test results. They may affect the aroma coordination of cigarette products, especially the presence of diacetate phthalate, which not only affects the taste quality of products, but also may increase the harm of smoking. The European Union has strict restrictions on the use of diacetate phthalate; Phenyl ketone is used as a photoinitiator of UV ink in printing. It can be combined with isopropanol and decompose and volatilize under the action of ultraviolet light. A large number of residues may be related to the printing process. The residue can be reduced by improving the process. In addition, benzophenone has a fragrance similar to rose, which will affect the aroma of cigarettes; A small amount of benzene and benzene homologues may come from the solvent pollution of the ink or be related to the use of oily ink. In addition to the volatile compounds listed above, it is also found in other packaging materials. Therefore, the fatigue fracture design theory for long cracks is directly used in jisg3191-66 (94) (shape, size, weight and allowable difference of hot rolled bar steel and coil bar steel); Based on the fatigue life design of components with small cracks, there are some harmful components of cigarette smoke, such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acetone, phenol, etc. in Hofman's list

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